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D5300 Overview Training Tutorial

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 0:47 – Buttons, dials, doors, memory cards, & physical controls 1:52 – Taking your first picture 2:30 – Using Live View 3:24 – Using the kit …


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  1. Awesome video – extremely helpful tips thank you so much! One question was that I was playing with the setting and when you get to the part about interval timer shooting mine is greyed out and shows a message saying "this option is not available at the current settings or in the cameras current state" any idea why this might be happening? I have it in manual mode. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this heads up on the D5300. I’ve been struggling to get really sharp photos for two years. I set the camera to single focus point and now… they’re much sharper. I also received your book today and am ready to dive in and learn more about photography. Many thanks for this video again, I’m sure that I will be watching it more than the two times so far. Take care.

  3. I keep coming back from while to while to understand certain parts
    Video is awesome and this time 4:15 is all I needed, My camera is a used one, it was set to M, it's my first camera so I didn't know what's wrong, couldn't achieve auto-focus in menu settings, now problem solved, thanks!

  4. I do not have the A-M button on my lens that you show at 4:15 I do know i have a M for manual on top next to the green that reads..MASP so is that the only way I have to use manual? if yes, why dont I have that on the side?

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