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Crop Lenses on Full-Frame Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony & Pentax)

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UPDATES (also in annotations): 4:02 Technically, the Canon EF-S specs allow for lenses that would hit the larger mirror of a full-frame camera, so Canon EF-S …


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  1. @ 6:30 the upper zoom focal limit after applying a x1.5 crop-factor should be at least 52mm (and 56mm on Canon crop cameras) , not 40mm! 😉
    Also on Nikon D810 the focal range (and aperture) should not be multiplied by crop-factor it'll be a 18-35/1.8 lens (since optics are – ie focal length & aperture, which is only related to focal length), but with a black out vignetting, because you have a sensor larger than the projection the lens will give you.

  2. What would you say if you put crop sensor Canon lens 10-18mm on a full frame mirorless EOS R camera?would you still have the same image effect as described in your video. Please let me know.

  3. APS-C using the the FULL FRAME can be fun. Have other people experimented? I would love to exchange ideas. Especially how to get around the automatic crop on Nikon full frame (ff) bodies!
    Just treated myself to the 7artisan f 1.2 35mm as a kind of fun lens. Mounted on a Sony A7 it produces pleasant, strong vignetting – keep in mind, the first Kodak Brownies had circular images! Distortion is well controlled, even on the ff sensor. For instagram and other mostly square uses you get pleasant results. With a cheap, extra-luminous solid leight-weight toy. I personally love it

  4. Could you make a proper test for Video with sony cameras?
    If i crop i still have 4k resolution. And so the low light capability should be better with an a7iii with a crop lense than a a6500 in 4k IN VIDEOMODE?

  5. Hi! Very interesting! If you get the new Blackmagic 6K would be awesome to take a look. With the EF mount I think is very interesting. I have a 77D and 3 lenses of EF-S, they wont fit there either, right? 🙁 I was thinking in make that jump someday, but I am quite upset that the lenses won´t fit. But, I have a EF lens that will at least.

  6. The Sigma 18-35 with the canon Mount ist designed for APSC Cameras, thats right, but The actual Mount is more shaped like the EF not EF-s Mount, so it works on Canon FullFrame Bodys.

  7. Great stuff but reality. Buy a full frame and use full frame lenses. Buy apsc and buy those lenses no work around. Kinda like using a lens that will cover 4×5 and try and use the same lens on a 8×10. Those would be VIEW CAMERA;s for you novices THERE IS NO WORK AROUND! Look at…4 sentences and it is GAME SET AND MATCH compared to 15 minutes and 167k views. Very informative but I am sure most of the amateurs are left scratching their heads. In other words you cant get a square peg into a round hole. That simple. You can't put diesel full into a none diesel engine. You can't make chocolate milk with soda. got it.

  8. I have a question:
    Isn't it better to use a full frame lens in crop mode, than crop lens in the same body? All benefits of shooting video in aps-c/super35 mode, explained here, will be the same, but you will use a part of the image that is closer to the center of the lens, so in theory you get a sharper image and less vignetting. Or I am wrong about this?

  9. I really like most of your explanations appreciate your shared experience. Thank you.
    I am a math guy. You mean well but the dumbing down of crop totally confuses me.
    I do night club comedy photography with miserable lighting and no flash allowed.
    I am using a D850 and AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR. (love the rig)
    Sometimes I'd like to go 300mm for a tight head shot so I flip to DX 24×16 mode.
    My question is what am I giving up?
    A DX crop on the D850 has almost the same image pixel size as FX on a D5.

  10. Hi, very interesting video. Thank you. Just to complicate matters, I've just pre-ordered the Nikon z50 with a bundled PTZ adapter. Considering it has the full frame mount but apsc sensor, can I use a dx lens? Many thanks.

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