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Concert Photography: Tony & Chelsea LIVE

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  1. Oh you mentioned me! I love ya! I made this dumb nickname a while ago because I hate using my real name and I didn't know people would be saying it and now I feel silly! And you're welcome Chelsea. And I only said it because you had your hair a certain way and you guys mentioned something about your hair. I'm not just giving a general compliment. Because I know how creepy this may sound. Now I need to shut up lol.

  2. 20:27 "… no way that any smartphone could've taken it…" well, technically you're not wrong. You have to defy the law of physics to be able to take that kind of picture with a traditional camera that can fit in a smartphone. But if you have TWO cameras working together, with the help of some digital wizardry I'm sure you can do that.

    It works a bit like your eyes. Two sensors looking at the same scene from a slightly different angle, basically capturing two images that is very similar but a little bit different. Then by comparing the two images, the 'brain' calculate/estimate how close or far away everything is, and add that information to the 2d image basically turning it kinda 3d. That way you can decide where to focus and how much depth of field you want basically at post.

  3. Lucia is a protective saint from Syracuse. Also a saint in the roman-catholic church. The name Lucia is related to the word lux, that means light. She is sometimes referred to as the queen of light. Lucia is celebrated at December 13, around the winter solistice, and marks the beginning of christmas. It's also a mix of older traditions and supestitions. Middle of December is a very dark period up here and the queen of light is a welcome tradition

    At least in Sweden it's celebrated by having a girl choosen as Lucia (usually a Lucia for each town, and often each school) and some other girls as her entourage 😉 walks around and visits class rooms, elderly homes etc and sings calm songs and psalms connected with christmas and advent. Really cozy and beautiul.

  4. Your shows are becoming even more entertaining. It really looks like you both were really having fun and it comes across. You two were extra funny in this one. This will be one I visit from time to time. A great Tony & Chelsea rerun!

  5. Damn, super annoyed that I missed the chance to submit photos for this video. I've been a concert photographer since the age of 18 (currently 20), shooting artists like Ed Sheeran, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and heaps more. Would have loved to get your honest opinions on my photos as I'm a big fan and have massive OCD when it comes to compositionally and technically perfect photos.

  6. Chelsea is funny for the most part as usual but sad to see she doesn't appreciate the tech it takes to shoot a picture of Jupiter or it's moons flying by at over 22,000+ mph!
    Then again most of the public is so blase when it comes to space so guess can't be too hard on her 🙁

  7. Little late and a little off topic, but why are there no comments about WHATEVER the hell Tony is drinking here?? What IS that? is it alive? it looks what came right back out of my mouth when i ate an off egg and cress sammich. 🙂

  8. You lost me at 11:49, after your racist comment about the Guadalajaran Dancers looking like Hee Haw. Had you read the sign to the left, you would have noticed the words "Portland Guadalajara".
    The "Good Luck" in LR from Chelsea, was also demeaning. Lost a viewer and subscriber!

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