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Completely OUT OF GAS!!

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Episode 8.5 of The Vlog leaves me on the edge with literally NOTHING left in my tank! What a thrill! I have never been this low in my car! Like, Comment …


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  1. Man….that was fun. But don't you wonder just how far you could have gone till that moment of zero fuel happened?? You may have to revisit this idea sometime, just for the heck of it.

  2. I've hit 0 and had another 12 km to the station, and to make things more exciting I was going to the airport to catch a flight. Seldom have I felt so alive haha

  3. Reminds me of the time I ran out of gas in the middle of an intersection as I was making a left for the gas station on the corner of that very same intersection. Never a time more exhilirating in my life as when I poped the latch in front of everyone; got an empty gas can out; calmy walked across the intersection to go to the gas station. And as I was filling that can, I would enjoy watching the mess unfold around my abandoned car in the middle, hoping I would be back before a tow truck showed up.

  4. This is a situation I think anyone who has ever owned a car can relate to. (Though I must admit Peter found the experience far more entertaining and invigorating than I have, the few times I've been in his position.) 😎

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