Home Food Colombian Coffee Adventures | Episode 3 | John Quilter AKA Food Busker

Colombian Coffee Adventures | Episode 3 | John Quilter AKA Food Busker

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To try the coffee, click here | http://www.crukafe.com/colombian-adventure | John Quilter is on a Coffee Mission! Along with coffee business partner, Colin, he’s in …


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  1. I loooved the series on coffee hunters, especially because I live in Colombia. But come on, crossing the ocean, climbing the mountain, and everyhting… to end up serving this wonderful coffee… in a paper cup?? I was a bit disappointed 🙁

  2. enjoyed the series, but you emphasize in the video that you had a quality taster do a cupping and that her opinion would be very important, yet dont air what she says? also, ew at pods.

  3. I really like your videos, and today that I visited your page for search some food ideas was a really nice surprise to see this video!! I love my contry Colombia!! thanks for visiting!!!

  4. Can Believe you are in my home Colombia. You guys keep enjoying every single moment and I hope you have tons of great and fun experiences.
    Advice: Taste all the food you can, it's a life changer!
    I Love this serie, love coffe, and love you guys!

  5. Long-term use of coffee, chocolate causes an increase in pressure in the body. I highly recommend using in all preparations of coffee, chocolate such an ingredient as – cinnamon! This will guarantee without interfering with the use of coffee, chocolate. Remember this ingredient – cinnamon !!!

  6. Gluten free nonsense. Unless one is medically intolerant of gluten (Celiac disease) there are no health benefits from the exclusion of gluten from one's diet. Suddenly everyone has to be gluten free.

  7. Hey John! Love these series of your journey to Colombia! Love to cook with coffee too, hope to find coffee flour in my local shop 🙂 Are you planning to make the video on how you make chocolate at home from cocoa beans that brought back from Colombia?

  8. I love this so much, it just warmed up my heart to see people embracing the positive side of my country. On another note, when are you guys going make it available to ship to the US? (I'm dying to try that coffee flour!)
    Thank you 🙂

  9. Yea I really enjoyed these vids. More like this about coffee would be great. Wanna see coffee matched to food too. Love coffee. Missed you guys at London Coffee Festival… shame

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