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Chelsea & Tony LIVE: Unexpected Beauty

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  1. So glad I found this channel. Going back and watching your older videos every night. Ordered your book.

    Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to find 2 photographers with a sense of humour who like to help people. please keep it up.

    I'm at the photography stage where I'm not sure how serious I want to be. We are our own worst critic. I feel I have too much to learn and I'm so hit and miss. at least I think. I need more confidence I guess.

    I sold my 70-2002.8 last year to pay for my honeymoon. My wife bought me it back as a present this week. And it's sparked a fire for photography that I lost when I sold it.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Between Dallas and Lawton Oklahoma: medium size rocky hills and cliffs. Really nice landscapes and cool wildlife. Tons of Buffalo. I remember this place well when I visited the area about 10 years ago, I fell off one of the cliffs and ended up stranded overnight because I hurt my leg and couldn't climb back up. Fun times.

  3. Not only professional and full of useful information but also it is one of the best stand up comedy on the internet. Thanks! You really make me happier every time

  4. What you fail to understand the law prevents the FAA from regulating hobby aircraft. Unless you have a large drone like an inspire you are not much of a threat to aircraft. You have 14 lb. canadian geese flying around without a license right? Anyway stop with the good little Nazi citizen routine and insisting on needing regulations to follow. It makes me sick.d

  5. Gonna miss everyone a lot, was just looking through old episodes and figured out where I started. May 19th 2014, over 3 years ago. Tuned in on time to every single show except for 3 or 4. It's become such a routine event and honestly the highlight of my week, shooting for the show, getting feedback, and connecting with people in the live chat has provided some great memories and invaluable learning experiences. Thank you Tony, Chelsea, Justin and Siobhan for putting on this show every single week for free, it's really helped the community grow immensely and always provides for some top quality entertainment. I really hope it's still around when I have the opportunity to start watching again next year. Farewell everyone, it's been an absolute pleasure!

  6. Flip flops and thongs are the devil's work! If there are perfect aesthetics on one end of the spectrum, flip flops and thongs are on the far other end! Destroy them all! They insult my eyes!

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