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Cheap, High Quality Music For Your Films

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Art List – https://goo.gl/vYY322 Musicbed.com Color graded using the Cine LUTs Pack – http://www.mattihaapoja.com/store/ Follow Travel Feels @mattih Leave a …


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  1. Huge thanks Matti for the recommendation, definitely checking out Artlist! The pay per year model sounds enticing, hoping that the quality of music would be great too! Appreciate the tutorial. Cheers to producing more videos!

    – Matt Pan

  2. I know it's been said already in the comments, but epidemicsound is fantastic for youtubers. The stems idea is gonna set a trend for broken down songs. Filmstro is another great one for control within a song, and is great for film scoring.

  3. So if I'm just making a travel film for friends and family and not for monetary purposes, can I use any music for free? You never mentioned this specifically.

  4. Im finding artlist to be a bit same same with a lot of their music, there is a lot of the same style and sound. I always liked premiumbeat.com because the variety seems better than artlist and the licensing fees are around the 60USD mark which includes premade loops and variations for many tracks

  5. Thank you for this video! I still have one unanswered question pertaining to this though. I went and watched your Hawaii trip video, and looked in the description and the end of the video for a song credit but didn't see one. I'm not just sure if it's on amateur videos but typically you'll see for royalty free music, for example, some sort of post video credit required to use the song. How do people know you have used a song with permission if you aren't required to credit it anywhere? Or more importantly, when do you know whether you have to include credit in a video or not?

    I agree it is much more convenient and nicer to not have to include some credit screen in professional looking videos, but I'm wondering how I know when I can do that with a given song or when I have to give credit. I'd hope the pay for songs didn't have an in-video credit requirement, since it makes it look more amateurish.

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