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Chase Jarvis, Kai W Challenge

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Featuring Chase Jarvis. Last time on Fake a Big Shot, we faked Chase Jarvis’ famous profile pic. This time Chase is in town and he has a very special surprise …


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  1. I like Kai more because the subject is l visible Jarvis' like covered in bubbles 🙁 don't see the subject too well Kai's a little bit more motion blurred i understand why it has that motion blur because you can;t control the Aperture and the Shutter Speed wish Nikon or Canon make a DSLR that is water proof.

  2. Kie Wong's humor is way more funnier than PewDiePie cuz Kie do have a sexual humor but doesn't take it way too far.I like how Kie see himself as"Cheap camera,Cheap photographer"

  3. This confirms that gear doesn't mean much.

    If they had the same pool the images would look very close.

    I am shooting on a D700 and have NO desire to "upgrade". Time, preperation, composition, lighting and subject that far FAR more important its the main reason why lots of pro's switched to MFT and recently are jumping to Fuji X literally any camera over £500 can give you EXCELLENT images the only thing in need of a upgrade is your creativity and ability.

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