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Canon vs Nikon… VS SONY! (2018)

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  1. I translate this text from Russian into English . Therefore, there may be inaccuracies in the translation . In this video, I was outraged – when the presenter said that the optics of the Canon sharper than the Nikon. You're not ! Nikon 24-70 F2.8 is a bit sharper than the Canon 24-70 F2.8 . And photographed picture Nikon specifically blurred . The quality of Nikon and Canon lenses can be compared on the Pixel peeper website . So the TV host either doesn't know what he's saying or he's lying intentionally . Or the TV presenter got a defective lens from Nikon , which did not suggest a good sharpness. But in General Nikon and Canon are very good cameras !

  2. i'm from Bangladesh
    Which one is best dslr nikon D5300 or canon 200d?? …now both are same price in our country… I like photography & videography also…
    & i'm frist time dslr owner
    Now what should to do???

  3. i'm still waiting for a full-frame, 4k 60p, good stabilization, good AF, flippy screen hybrid camera…… where is it? Why can't these companies just make a f****in fully articulating screen?!!! We have the money, we just can't find the camera. We are stuck weighing the pros and cons of each camera and deciding which features we can do without…. I refuse to do this!! lol…… I guess i'm stuck using my iPhone until the camera comes….just want a mixture of a gh5 and a7iii…..

  4. i know its a bit late but ive been trying to get my first camera and i cant seem to decide , ive been looking into it and i agree with what you say in this video , i like some things in canon , but i like alot of things in sony , like the a6400 , but i only like the body in sony , the lenses are expensive compared to canon , can someone help me choose which one i should get

  5. Hi…
    I am using d750 with 50mm 1.8g lens and i am facing too much problem with colors while shooting baby garments. I am using sk400 ii studio flash. My customers complaining about colors. Please help

  6. Canon makes the sharpest lenses, and they sell for less the Sony and Nikon. Who makes the best camera bodies depends on your priorities. Canon has the best menu system. I think Nikon has the best body layout. Sony bodies are a little smaller and less battery life. Nikon and Canon build tanks.

    Canon has the best support, hand down. This is not even close. You can get a camera repaired in a week or two. New users can get phone support to get them started.

    As for video, buy a video camera. Both Canon and Sony make professional grade camcorders and video cameras. The cameras offer professional video features that blow any DSLR away. If you want 4K video, newer video cameras can record 4K. Older 4K video cameras have video output, so you can record in 4K if you want.

  7. I actually have a mirrorless and a dslr and my mirrorless takes better photos but I find myself using the dslr because it just seems easier to use. It's non touch screen so I don't have to worry about hitting the screen I just hit a button adjust and go.

  8. I could be wrong, but from what I have been reading, Sony and mirrorless is the way to go. Say if you already know you only use a few key lenses, then it will have to be Sony. The performance of the mirrorless bodies are just levels above. The AF capabilities is just insane not to mention the unbelievable continuous shooting. That's before we talk about the superior pixel count of their sensors. The A7R IV will be out soon, over 60 megapixel and 10 fps? Is Sony for real? That's going to be hard to beat.

  9. No doubt, Sony is best in electronics, while Canon excels in optics. However, if Sony continues to abandon their mount system every five years or so, I'd be very reluctant to invest in that brand. Imagine you shell out $30k in E-mount gear, and in 2022 Sony ditches the system for I-mount like they did with the A-mount. On the other side, you can still work with Canon or Nikon lenses that are 30 years old or more. (Which is great if you are an enthusiast amateur with limited budget because you can get them cheap.)

  10. It looks like you all don’t have anything else to do you just keep saying this is better than that one and you keep going around in circles. And what we are looking for is price because all cameras are just about the same believe me unless you are a professional then that’s different.

  11. Looking forward to buy a new DSLR. Which one should I buy among Canon 800D or Nikon D5600? Or should I buy a used 80D? I want to capture streets, moving subjects, landscape and portraits (in some occasions) and astro-photography (in future).

  12. 1dx still focuses faster than 5dIV despite that it lacks dual pixel af. Why? Sony has awesome potential and RD and aggressive marketing policy/// but is far behind the Nikon and Canon it terms of durability, ergonomics (too few buttons, uncomfortable small bodies to hold , too complicated menus), battery life, overheating, price of lenses etc. Why?)

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