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Canon Top Twin Quartz Date Hands-on Review

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A clip of an old ShutterRev – DRTV’s grandaddy show – review of the most magnificent Canon Top Twin, the spiritual forerunner to all the popular, current, …


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  1. I bought the version of this camera that doesn't have the built-in clock for $5. The most absurd thing about it is that to replace the battery, you have to undo 2 tiny Phillips screws in the grip.

  2. very nice, more cowbell would have been nicer (music jingles etc) and more synth with names and location like they used to. Also some models with 80s haircuts and stuff would have been perfect.

  3. +Akuserarēta Railgun You do realize that this is a joke, right? The video isn't actually old, if it's a real PO box it would still work, but it isn't, it spells "BOOBS"…
    Also, it's cut scenes.

  4. Holy shit, that was perfect. It was spot on. It reminded me of those old cheesy educational VHS tapes that I was forced to watch a school. That white noise before the video started really took me back.

    It really put a smile on my face and has now got me wanting to go into the loft to bring down my VHS player and my old VHS's.

  5. The best video they ever made by far, I love this. BTW '86 I think was when the world flipped over to Commodore Amigas and Atari ST's…both of which could digitise photos with a ton of clunky equipment. I see a good 'vs' video here for shutter Rev…

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