Home Photography Canon to Sony Adapter Review: Sigma MC-11 vs Metabones Mk IV

Canon to Sony Adapter Review: Sigma MC-11 vs Metabones Mk IV

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  1. So can I buy a sigma ef mount lens(like… Sigma 85mm 1.4 art dg hsm (ef mount)) for my sony A7II or A7RII body with Sigma MC-11 adapter? And it work well? 🙂
    Thanks for the video! I love you guys!

  2. I have a Sigma Art lens for Canon and I'm thinking to transition from Canon to Sony A7 III , does a sigma ef lens work as a native sony lens with this adapter or is it better to sell the Sigma Ef mount and get the same lens but A mount?

  3. How about an update on this for those of us considering the A7iii? At least one other video shows the A7iii doing eye tracking with Canon glass using the MC11. I haven't seen one with the MB V. Thanks for all your good info on your sites!

  4. Thanks for this information. Just would like to ask is sony a7iii worth a buy for fashion and studio shoots. Because i have heard bad reviews regarding canon glass adapters on it?

  5. I'm Interested to see where people are at with in-field experience with this equipment. I have moved from Canon to the new A7III, I have used the MC11 and haven't noticed anything disturbing both with all my zooms; 17-40 f4 L, 20-105 f4 L and 70-22 f2.8 2 fof which aren't amazing lenses but they are very practical and affordable. I have bought a couple of Sony 'G' zooms 70-200 f4 and 24-105 f4 and am relatively happy…needless to say they were bought on sale! It's such a Phase One philosophy that Sigma wont focus on the MC11 being universal. I can't imagine buying a Sigma lens because I have an MC11?
    Just on the 'super wide' 'diffraction' issue shown in the video, I have a Laowa 15mm E mount, and corner to corner it is really pretty nice….at f8-f11! Was this issue simply surrounding the use of adapters or the coating on the sensor in general?

  6. Hi Tony. Do you think should I get metabone V or mc11 ? I have sigma glass with canon mount. So I don’t know it works better than mc11 with sigma glass or not.

    Ps: I have pretty good deal metabones V

  7. I think this is only depth of fielnd issues..you have focus on the green part of the flowers,no on the red…wich is behind,also f5.6 to consider…i don't think this is the way to test the far corner sharpness,you should put on a flat brick wall and then put the f5.6 apperuture 🙂

  8. I have had both, and I found the Metabones (with the latest firmware) to still be much better than the MC-11, even on the 2 Sigma lenses I had (24-35 & 20 Art). I ended up selling the MC-11.

  9. My metabones 4 with A9 and Canon 70-200mm f2.8 MKii is useless in low light. I want to wait until Tamron release the 70-180 but need a work around until then. Any help with camera settings to improve performance in low light.

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