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Canon T7i & 800D Training Tutorial

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OTHER TUTORIALS AT http://sdp.io/tutorial. Our free 1-hour video user guide for the Canon EOS Rebel T7i and Canon EOS 800D (just two different names for …


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  1. Thank you so much for the video and I love your channel and your videos are helpful .I have a question for you , I am new to photography should I choose nikon 5600 or canon 800d (t7i)? I will use for portraits and time to time some videos .

  2. Great stuff Tony. I am buying gear for my girlfriend's brother in Nigeria. I thought the reason for the different frame rates in NTSC and PAL had to due with eliminating flicker from light sources such as fluorescent lighting that emits very short bursts of light at the frequency of the power, 50 Hz in Nigeria, 60 Hz in the US. I appreciate your comment about Youtube using 30 or 60 fps, but given the consideration of some lighting frequencies, I am leaning toward setting the T7i that I bought him to PAL, then fix in post if needed. I am enrolled in an online film curriculum and have seen explanations of when you shoot in one frame rate such as 30 fps, and export to another such as 24 fps, it must drop some frames to get there. He will be shooting weddings. I would think of advising him to shoot in PAL at 25 fps to get the best cinematic look for the client, and live with necessary compromise that happens when changing frame rates if needed for export to Youtube. I would hesitate to suggest shooting at 50 or 60 fps in order to get an appropriate shutter angle and still have enough light that is typical for evening wedding shots.He will be using the kit lens which is only f 4 to 5.6. Thoughts?

  3. The video was very helpful for an experienced amateur photographer who is just making the jump to Digital. I just bought this camera. His recommendation for the tripod seems to not be a good one. Reviews seem to point out the cheap ball joint wearing out quickly.

  4. This was a very helpful tutorial. Thank you! I bought this camera for my teenaged daughter and we had no idea what to do with this. This was very helpful. Thank you

  5. Agree on the canon camera app, it is helpful for getting the photos to my phone to share at events at the time of the photo. I also use it for inspecting roofs with a pole cam, PowerShot with 10 x zoom. No photography tricks needed for it.

  6. I watched and re-watched this video so that I could do my best to commit to memory the information here. I can honestly say that this video radically improved my experience with my EOS Rebel T7i.

    I'm getting better pictures faster, I have far more control over the camera and when something doesn't exactly come out the way I want it to, I know why.

    Thank you very much… this is excellent instruction.

    Now, I just need better glass… the kit lens is killing me! 🙂

  7. I want to thank you sooooooooooo much for this video! I just bought my first REAL camera a couple days ago & it's the 800D and a Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 (not sure if that's a good lens but it was a great price to not swap lenses). I've never used a camera like this before & you helped a noob out at understanding some of the "set it & forget it" settings.

  8. THANK YOU! Your videos are always so informative and easy to follow along with…makes a total newbie like me feel like I can finally get the hang of this photography thing! Excited to read your ebook!

  9. What's up buddy? I hope you,
    I don't understand anything about photos, much less about camera.
    I bought a Canon Rebel T71 camera it came with the standard 18 x 55 lens kit
    I ask you who knows what position I leave the camera so I can get at least the same pictures from my phone. Because the photos I had on my phone are better than this Canon Rebel T7i.
    Do you know how to tell me or can anyone there and give this tip.
    Thanks and appreciate any help.

  10. Excellent video! I watched one on back button focusing before by someone else and it dodn't come close to convincing me it was worth the effort. This one did and I love it already! Thank you!

  11. I can't use an external flash on Canon 800D while in live view mode. What am I supposed to do? Because I can use it on Canon 200D, but not in Canon 800D. Thank you for anyone who can help me.

  12. I like your video, I have a problem with AV , I'm trying to so a blurry background but my camera doesn't go all the way to the left, do you think is because I'm using the 18-55 mm lens, or what setting I have to change it just go from f4.0 to f22 , can you help me please or I have to use another lens?

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