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Canon S100 Hands-on (Featuring Olympus XZ-1)

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We check out Canon’s latest high-end compact – the S100(http://bit.ly/PowershotS100). It’s the update to the S95(http://bit.ly/PowershotS95) and promises to be …


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  1. agreed, still.
    i've been looking for something I can slide in a normal sized pocket every morning just like I do with my wallet & phone & car keys. i know the G10 (up to G1X now I think) style cameras are pretty small but they still have too many like… "curves" to fit into a pocket correctly. i am leaning towards the S100 right now & would love to see a full review if possible

  2. at 4:14 the side of the images are cut off and the images are just in squares. I have this camera and it does that to me. I take pictures in 4 :3 because in 16 :9 the images just looked more zoomed in and miss parts out. it's longer but not as good. is there anyway to fix this?

  3. I love Kinky, but though good review I asked an expert why does zoom freeez on some models of the Canon s100 he replied; "you cannot see picture and it says restart camera very common problem everybody knows on this model".

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