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Canon PowerShot G12 vs Canon S95

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After a good decade of Canon “G” cameras, we are finally presented with the 12th iteration. Although, on paper, it looks very similar to the …


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  1. ahh this may sound stupid but how do i clean the lens?
    i have a niece who i think kinda "touched" the lense..

    im new with this camera, or any camera for that matter…

  2. hint: skip (edit out) your late arrival, its consequences, your wait for a camera to examine, anything you might imagine to be amusing to us,
    and get to the comparisons, samples, specifications, prices etc. i.e. the meat of the review. your 4 minutes of fluff is of no value in the universe – to anyone, anything, anyway.

    suggestion: film your little clip with the camera you are reviewing and/or its competition.

    sincerely and with good intentions,

  3. Music stops:
    "And as ususal, everybody else took the camera before we could."
    "We didn't manage to get our hands on the camera. Let's get some more food."

    greatest thing to do when your plans fail.

  4. I think this kind of videos full of useless downtimes and jokes are good for television but not for the internet where people want informations in the right time, not enterteinment

  5. Hello, are you familiar with "PhotoSFXart" (search on Google for it)? On their website you will find a great free video explaining the right way to take amazing photos. It helped Matt to shoot photos which leave you with that wow-effect while you look at them. I hope it will work for you also…

  6. Three of my largest questions that seem NEVER to be answered: #1, What is the actual image sensor's pixel counts? Most reviewers state only the software-convoluted "10MP sensor" for a camera such as this when it is more probably only 1.3MP because a true 10MP sensor alone costs about $1200. #2, Is the image sensor a CCD or a CMOS type? Although the CCD tends to be power hungry, the CMOS sensors exhibit far less flat field uniformity so that images have blotchiness. In a single word, CMOS sensors are crap. That's why scientific users who can't accept noisy image artifacts always need a CCD sensor. These cameras have a real CCD (probably 1.3MP but they never really tell you). #3, Is it possible to zoom and adjust focus & iris while recording video? I think not. At least they don't force you to fasten the camera in one position when recording video. How many times have you wanted to zoom or manually adjust focus or F stop while making a video? Probably every time, right? yeah. Me too. So why can't they give you these features? The S90 let you zoom while recording VGA video.

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