Home Photography Canon EOS RP, Fuji X-T30 & MATT GRANGER: Travel photo LIVE critique!

Canon EOS RP, Fuji X-T30 & MATT GRANGER: Travel photo LIVE critique!

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Sponsor: http://squarespace.com/tony, coupon code ‘tony’ MATT GRANGER has a beer with us to discuss his photography tips while reviewing your best travel …


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  1. Honestly… Chelsea gone gear snob? Can't get a camera better than a smartphone for 500$? That's just bullshit. An entry level camera with a simple 50mm or whatever will give an insane step up from a phone. Actual bokeh, better night shots, higher dynamic range, better ISO performance, more control etc. Want more? Get a used camera and those 500$ will go pretty far. Check out Matt Grangers bugetography…

  2. The last podcast I watched with a guest was a disaster. The fellow kept dropping the F-bomb, totally disrespectful. He proved how much of a dick he really is. I hope T&C NEVER do that again. I love watching T&C, the in depth technical aspect of your review videos has helped steer me in direction of my next camera purchase. Keep up the great work T&C. Lastly, Tony needs to learn how to guard his 🍺.

  3. For $500…Canon EOS M100 15-45mm, Panasonic DMC-G7 14-42mm, Sony a5100 16-50, Fujifilm X-A5 15-45 & Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II 14-42mm. Nah…none of these have better image quality, controls or zoom that a smart phone has. LOL!

  4. Entertaining video sort of… love the topic….. but please…. slow down the flipping through the photos…. its like being at Uncle Eddies house with the remote firmly in his grip…. constantly flipping channels. Almost unviewable. Slow down please, or have a plan on which images you are going to review…. and remember the person on the other end… it takes them 10 seconds to catch up… so you constantly playing with the image makes it so they never really get a good view of what you are seeing. Otherwise, love the idea and your perspectives.

  5. Lol Sony a6000 is no better than phone??:) then a6500 is not either since image quality is basically same..? How can you say stuff like that, lol.. it is much bigger difference between a6000 and phone than a6000 and FF.
    However if u plan to use only kit lens, just buy a point and shoot.

    And all 3 of you think cheapest FF is 1700ish $? Or did I misunderstood? Well, It is half that.

    Love all 3 of you btw, good luck in the future.

  6. northern lights have to be shot at high iso. the shutter speed has to be fast. The auroras move around and just make the whole sky green and washed-out if your shutter speed is too slow. once you shoot northern lights, you will understand this.

  7. Pretty poor video guys. If the guest doesn’t have a reliable internet connection, it’s probably better to wait for a time when they do. I gave up part way through as the long pauses between questions and answers became irritating. Not one of your best.

  8. ha ha "Kubrick running his webcam" !!! great episode guys . Poor Matt having to deal with all the issues too . Nice and chilled though, felt like a little hangout . Thankyou

  9. Tony forgot about the Nikon D500 and D7500 bought are relatively new! U can get a better camera than a phone for sure (u can't zoom with a phone), a few examlples: Nikon D3500, Canon G7 Mark II, Sony RX100 Mark III, Fujifilm x-a5, Olympus E-PL8, Sony A5100,… all with lenses!

  10. Just some feedback:

    You do not need to visit Iceland to see the Aurora. A short trip north to dark places like Vermont for example should be enough to see the northern lights when there is good solar activity. Check activity on sites such as spaceweather.com and the weather wherever seems fit. Educate yourself on such stuff!

    Also Iceland is of course a part of Europe. It is even a Schengen country. I find it disturbing that you push educational sites on us and do not even care to read up on this.

    Oh and one more question: 500$ for a basic camera to start/learn photography is not enough and you rather recommend usind a phone? That is just plain awful. Using a phone you can only learn about composition, but that is just one part of photography – you will be stuck there. A basic camera for 500$ can be a used mid-range camera or a new entry-level DSLR. Both of which will yield nicer results than a phone once you get the basics and start to get a little creative.

  11. Dear Chelsea and Tony,

    I enjoy your channel but allow me to provide some criticism, which is meant to be constructive. I feel in these picture review shows, you need a bit of structure or a gameplan. Have some pre-viewed pictures worthwhile to be presented lined up and take your time criticizing them. Especially if you have a high caliber guest on the show. I think most serious hobbyists who wish to progress would benefit if you guys in conjunction with Matt take your time, for example to give guidance on how to make a great picture out of a good one. Browsing or clicking with lightning speed through a pile of bad snapshots is irritating to watch, I am sure Matt felt the same.

    Now talking about this particular show: I feel it’s almost a wasted opportunity, if you have Matt on the show but he is sitting somewhere on the Andes Mountain range with a rudimentary Internet connection. Have him again on the show, when he has proper internet and can be part of the show, not a 10 sec lag afterthought.

    Hope that you take this criticism from a random internet guy.

    Cheers, Oliver

  12. Not a good showing. You headline the EOS RP and XT30 only to have Matt Granger complain he's weary of the discussion. Why lead with a teaser that is not only not part of the discussion, but dismissed as tedious?

  13. Matt is a real deal photographer. I'm so happy that i watched you people together…
    Here i have a challenge for you guys… Be a news photographer for a month… And publish your best photos. And we'll decide the winner 😀 Who wins will get a high five from me 😀

  14. 33:00sChelsea, c'mon… For 500bucks people can have a a6000 with a manual lens such as helios 58mm f2. And it would be way better than any phone camera… And they will have a lot of fun with it… Don't discourage people… Better they start with an entry camera to photography than never start…

  15. nice show. Matt's hardcore: jet lag, internet lag, and halfway up Everest equivalent altitude and the man didn't falter once. Rainbow info: all rainbows are double. I learned this on an MIT physics video.

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