Home Photography CANON EOS RP…. Almost a great camera for VIDEO… Almost…

CANON EOS RP…. Almost a great camera for VIDEO… Almost…

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UPDATE!!!*** CANON HAS RELEASED A 24P FIRMWARE UPDATE!!!! HURRAYYY!!!!!!! Also no Dual Pixel AF in 4K. Still a great value camera if you can live …


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  1. I understand the lack of DP in 4k, but not having 1080/24P is just a glaring omission. They have to provide that in a firmware update, and fast.
    I really want this camera, which is total opposite of my reaction to the R. I don't care about 4K as long as I can get good stills, good AF, and good 1080.

  2. In France the price is 1500 euros ( 1700$ ) !!! 1700$ for that … it’s hard to change of brands but it’s enough, I switch to Fuji x-h1 or x-t3 good bye canon 👋🏻

  3. Video doesn’t interest me but the poor battery life sucks especially as I would be using the focus bracketing feature all the time for macro stacks. Extra original Canon batteries are £40 a time.

  4. I'm primarily a photography guy and a Nikon shooter. I was thinking about upgrading my dslr for doing a little video also but it looks like Nikon is getting their ass kicked in video. I have a couple thousand dollars invested in glass so I'm pretty hesitant to switching

  5. Also no Dual Pixel AutoFocus in 4k. So for vlogging, 4k is basically out… If you're good with 1080p 30, then I suppose this could still be a GREAT youtuber camera.
    If you're willing to manual focus, I'm sure you can get some epic 4k footage. And for photographers, It's phenomenal! It just doesn't fit in my workflow. :[
    Darn it! I really wanted this to my B-Cam

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