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Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D600

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Which one is the better “cheaper but not-so cheap” full-frame DSLRs from Canon and Nikon? We take a look at the new 6D(http://bit.ly/1pvsStm) and the …


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  1. I love how the only thing he touches on with image quality is the fact the Nikon has 3 more megapixels so it's sharper.. Having More megapixels don't mean the image quality is therefore better, otherwise the d3200 would look better than the 6D with its 3 extra megapixels. And it clearly doesn't. I have used both of these cameras and overall I preferred the canon. the low light performance is fantastic. I generally prefer the colour tone that canon offers over the Nikon as well. Not to mention the much simpler and easier button layout. This is my opinion, But this guy is clearly a Nikon user…

  2. Nikon DSLR's have better Dynamic Range than the Canons. I'd go with the Nikon because of that, the 2 cards slots, the pop up flash, bigger LCD screen, 39 focus points, 3 more megapixels, better viewfinder coverage, and the built in focus motor. It also shoots 1 frame per second faster than the Canon. Kind of a no brainer here but to each their own. Cheers!

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