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Canon EOS 6D vs 5D Mark III Hands-on Comparison

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In this video, we take a look at the Canon 6D(http://bit.ly/Canon6Dbody) and the 5D Mark III(http://bit.ly/Canon5Dmk3), and ponder if the 5D is really worth …


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  1. I've made a lot of money filming gigs with my 6D. The lens I invested the money in was the 2.8 24-70mm and with that I had enough to both photograph and film basic wedding videos. I got them both used on kijiji for under 2100$

  2. If you have a 6D, you should use it's strengths to overcome it's ONLY ACTUAL weakness (moirre aliasing) by using ND filters to lower stop settings & blur/pop out backgrounds that might ruin a shot. OR just replace the sensor with one that has the same filter as the 5D and YOU HAVE A 5D. And be happy you paid more than $1000 less

  3. i went with a very lightly used 6d for $750. i found the main differences between the two cameras are price, autofocus, and dual card slots. price is the biggest one for me, as i'm a college student on a tight budget. the 5d3 autofocus would be nice to have, although i dont think i'd use it to its full potential, and coming from a t3i, the 6d autofocus will still be a big step up for me. dual card slots are nice, but in all honesty i dont see myself using them that much.

    you can pay extra to get all these features, and if you're shooting professionally a lot, something like dual card slots really does make sense for backup purposes. however, you really need to ask yourself if all those features are worth double the price, when you can still get the same image either way.

    the wifi and gps features on the 6d will be nice too.

  4. The 5d Mark III is a great camera and a vey good one for all types of photography.

    The 6d is also a great camera and very good for all types of photography. At half the cost.

    Even if you have the money to spend, I don't like to spend more if I don't have too. I went with two Canon 6d camera's (2018) and are planning to work many years with them.

    Good quality lenses are important, and the money saved might be better to buy some good lenses if you want to upgrade the ones you have.

  5. The Gold lettering on the vodka bottle looked better coloring (more gold , vivid )on the 5d than the 6d ,and the red on the label, why is that ? Is that the lens or the camera ?

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