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Canon EOS 600D (T3i) vs 60D: Which one is better? (plus bonus material)

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You wanted to know which one is the better choice – the Canon 600D(http://bit.ly/Cano600D) or the 60D?(http://bit.ly/Cano60D) Well, here’s our look at both …


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  1. Usually I don't give a crap what a person does with their personal property but that disgusting waste of good beer has me wanting to smack the smile off your fucking face. Otherwise, carry on.

  2. Not saying I agree with people abusing expensive equipment but I think there is some benefit to seeing him beat up the cameras. I would much rather see him in his sponsored video drop a camera than myself! These videos tell me exactly how much water, heat and abuse my cameras/ lenses can take before getting destroyed. I know I push myself to my limits while shooting (standing over ledges, standing near water, taking it to the beach). He lets me know if I should be freaking out because my camera fell 3 feet or if it's going to be okay. Stop trolling people. It's not your stuff. Learn from it.

  3. How can i get good audio quality with a 600d? Would you record seperately, or does the audio sound well if i combine a 600d with a rode videomic pro? (Have neither of those but don't want to buy before im sure about the audio)

  4. He is so funny! It just keeps me watching the videos all the time!! I don’t know if he means to but, he always sounds really sarcastic which makes it 10x funnier😂👍

  5. halo teman2 aku mau nanya ni,aku pake canon 700d nah temen minjam trus gak tau dia sembarang mencet karna baru belajar juga akhirnya layar di kamera saya ketika mode foto mucul garis putih di kiri kanan dan gak full,,truus klw mode video muncul garis putihnya di atas bawa dan juga gak full tampilannya,tp hasilnya baik baik aja,gmna ya ngilanginnya

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