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Canon EOS 5Ds & 5Ds R Hands-on Review

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We’ve got our hands on the new high megapixel monsters from Canon – the EOS 5Ds (http://bit.ly/can5ds) and 5Ds R (http://bit.ly/can5dsr). They both have …


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  1. Can anyone answer this question I have:

    I'm not a technical expert on any camera system. I shoot professionally full time, and my two camera bodies are a Hasselblad H4D-50 when I'm shooting either still life or something where big print is needed, and also a Canon 5D II where I just need to shoot a smaller job, or something where I have less control of the environment.

    With the exception of the size increase over the 5D2, am I going to notice a jump in image quality or noise control moving to the 5DS?

    Another issue I have the the 5D2 is its terrible AF. Is the 5D2 sufficiently advanced enough where I'll actually get more keepers from a shoot?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Dear Kai, quick question. Since the 5Ds can be set to a cropped sensor mode, if set to a 1.6x factor, can a lens that has designed for functioning on a cropped sensor, like the Sigma 10-20 that was made for 1.6 cropped dSLRs without vignetting? Thanks!

  3. i dont care for an audio jack aslong as this camera is USB 3 so i can shoot tethered at a fast rate… the 5d mk3 is only usb2 what a disappointment

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