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Canon EOS 50D First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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The EOS 50D(http://bit.ly/Cano50D) is built around a 15 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor and incorporates the latest DIGIC 4 processor to enable a wide ISO …


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  1. Hey there, do you know "Photo SFXart Tricks" (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a nice free video explaining how you can shoot impressive pictures. It helped Matt to take photos which leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect after you take a look at them. I hope it works for you also…

  2. I have had my 50D for 6.5 years now and it is still going strong.  Never sorry I bought it.  Despite all the newer cameras coming out, I see no reason to upgrade it yet.

  3. I'm here, because I just replaced my crap 7D, with this model. I have had nothing but issues with my 7D the past few years, so many problems, I was scared to use it & always needed my backup 1D markii.

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