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Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 Hands-on

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Some of you asked for this, so here it is. Kai takes out, erm, Kaii for a little ride and take some photos. Pricing Reference: Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM …


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  1. Great lens for skateboarding! That is if you don't want the fish eye look. Although I would think twice before taking it to the snow, and would only use it on a clear day or at a lower altitude.

  2. Hey , can i ask you guys a question ? I have the canon 5d mark 2 , and i like this lens very much , don't have it yet … i really want to buy it, but everybody says that this lens won't work on a full sensor camera … can some one explain to me why doesn't it work and will i make a mistake if i go to the shop and get it today?

  3. In this picture, the lens would produce the circle in blue (like any EF-S lens), and your sensor is the rectangle in white. So it would not fill the full frame of the sensor. Also it physically won't attach to the camera.

  4. Thank you very much my friend 🙂 do you think that the EF 17-40mm f/4L will be similar to this ? I'm still confused … i bought my camera a few months ago, and i dont know much about lenses yet, so i need some advices from people who know about this stuff … I've got my dslr for making short films … i need some lenses which will give me this particular movie looks.

  5. No problem! On a full frame camera like yours all lenses will look a bit wider than on a crop-camera like the 7d he is using. The 17-40 will be very wide on your camera, almost the exact same wideness as the setup he uses in this video. Just remember, you can only use EF lenses, not EF-S lenses on the 5d.

  6. I realized I never attached the picture in my last comment. That must have been confusing. i214.photobucket [dot] com/albums/cc172/480sparky/Photography/FFvCropNewSmall.jpg

  7. Thanks a lot for your opinion my friend 🙂 I'm really glad that there's people like you. I made my choice .. I'll buy myself the Samyang series 🙂 they're very good for movie making and their build and view quality is perfect and last but not least .. they are a lot cheaper

  8. Does anyone agree with me that it would be nice to see more use with the lens in video and not just stills? I use my lenses for filming most of the time, and I would like to see what they have to say about the video quality. Anyone agree?

  9. god….i can't stand these "reviews" anymore….its just Kai goofing around, being a tool, and not telling me or showing me any thing i want or need to know about said piece of equipment…..failed once again DigitalRev TV

  10. This lens seems more suited for landscape and architecture.  I can't see using this lens for sports or action photography. I think you just wanted to go quad riding and decided to kill two horses with one stone.  Still, I would had like to see you ride that mini cycle.  That, would had been funny. 

  11. This guy is so annoying……. Is there a way I can I can ignore stupid idiotic videos made by him???? pls post if…….is he reviewing the lens or the bike or the model!! doesnt know what he talks….arrrgghhh so pissed!

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