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Canon 90D + EOS M6 Mk II Preview!

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  1. Hi!
    Please, for the in depth review of the m6mkii, try the Canon adapter with efs and ef lenses to see if the autofocus works as good as native.
    As we all know there isn't much m glass to choose from so adapting efs and ef lenses would be a must for me.
    Also I would really like to see if Canon has finally improved their dynamic range and iso capabilities on this new sensor.

  2. Hi Master Tony & Chelsea, right now I am in a pitch of either upgrading my Canon 80D to either Canon 90D or Sony A9 for wildlife. although the MP and crop factor makes a huge difference, at first I was very excited that Canon is releasing a new "7D MK 3" but end up it became 90D. to my disappointment is that the AF point is only 45 cross-type point. now to even compare with A9, we just have to compare with Nikon D500 which has 153 points since the fps is on Par.

    my concern is whether the 90D is about to capture smaller fast target like the common or blue eared kingfisher. some review I watched on 90D wildlife is only targeting huge target, my friends have shown me the image they captured and the Sony A9's focusing is amazing. i would not want to trouble you to do a video of comparison. but please do reply to my comment and guide me.

    my Instagram id is – ted_wildlife.
    please do also suggest some tips and pointers for me to improve. thank you

  3. You forgot TO MENTION focus points ALL ACROSS THE SCREEN AND TOUCH FOCUS SCREEN on the Canon EOS M6 ii. And you forgot to mention Eye-Auto-Focus, which Dan Watson chose the EOS M6 ii over the 90D because it had better AF functions. With 30+ megapixels, you get picture quality of the full frame 5D mark iv. . . .I'm getting one. .

  4. Thanks for the review. Do you think the 90D is also an upgrate for the canon 7d Mark II? Can you do maybe an battle between the 90D and the 7D markt II? which one do you reccormand for shooting sports. How does both perform in low light? I'm now shooting sports indoors and outdoors with the 5D mark II and looking for a upgrate specific for sports, budget around 1000-2000 Euro

  5. Canon 17-55 2.8 IS received the highest quality score from Photozone, even better than many of its full frame L lenses. I disagree with your claim that Canon does not have any good APSC lens!

  6. このプレビューは単にスペックシートなぞっただけだろ
    そもそもお前ら西洋人はeye detectじゃなくて、日本語の瞳AFって言葉使えよ

  7. Tony, are you going to do a complete review for the Canon 90D? Because of the new sensor, I would love to know if this camera will be good for wildlife photography / video. I also have a Canon 500mm f4 L IS lens (version 1) and a Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS (version 1) and use these on the 7Dii and Sony A7iii (the Sony has hiccups with adapting those lenses with the MC-11 as it will lock up sometimes on the Sony. Image quality is great though). The 7Dii is good, but love the idea of the flip out touch screen of the 90D for those times shooting low to the ground as it's almost impossible to do with the 7Dii as well as the extra resolution.

    I would like to know if you think the 500mm f4 and 300mm f2.8 lens first versions will resolve the new sensor on the 90D as well as the tracking for wildlife such as birds in flight and low light / high ISO performance as a lot of wildlife are only out during those times. Thanks for your time 🙂

  8. how come it has 82% more Mp than D850??' it has 47,7…diveded with 1,6 crop factor ot makes it like 28,5mP if it was on canon apcs body….and that is like 87% of that what 90D got…so that makes it that 90d has just 23% more MP than D850…. Tony where did you learn math? how could you blow out like that…

  9. Canon desperately needs new EF-S lenses for their APS-C bodies to stand half a chance. The whole range is either plastic crap or outdated gold-ring USM lenses and third party offerings aren't amazing either…

  10. I dont understand the complain that no really sharp lenses are available – the d90 fits ef-s and ef mount lenses and there are some pretty good ef lenses – or did I misunderstand something?

  11. Hi, I shoot a load of wildlife and birds in flight already own a 5DMarkiii,
    7dMarkii and I am looking for a second APS-c body for a secondary wildlife and travel camera. Would you recommend the 90D over the 7D Mark ii?

  12. Hi, I shoot a load of wildlife and birds in flight already own a 5DMarkiii,
    7dMarkii and I am looking for a second APS-c body for a secondary wildlife and travel camera. Would you recommend the 90D over the 7D Mark ii?

  13. I was really excited about my 80D, when i bought it last year (2018, 'old' i know). I bought it with a kit lens, I said 'i will upgrade to a sick sharp lens later'. Then i started searching for good lenses, and now im thinking of selling it and buying a camera with a good lens selection. Ugghhh i just dont know, this is so frustrating!!! Why, canon, why?!!

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