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Canon 80D DSLR vs iPhone 7 plus for VIDEO tests – Do you still need a DSLR?

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  1. Well we have to admit smarthphones are getting better look at the iPhone X de video en photo quality of this phone is amazing also don’t forget the S9 which does have a shutter! Also DSLR or SLR camera’s like Sony A7 or panasonic G series will always be better. If you have the money for good camera’s why would you struggle with a phone🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. I love this phone it looks GREAT but it also works very well.>>>ur2.pl/1233 I did not by it on this account but I would get this phone instead of the 8 plus. This phone is like Cadillac of phones and the camera on the back makes it look so cool. I bought 3 to give for birthday presents and they loved them. My friend has a Samsung and my phone beat the camera

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