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Canon 7D Mark II Hands-on Preview

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We got invited to the launch of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II(http://bit.ly/7DMKII), where we finally got to grips with the successor to the venerable 7D. Watch the vid …


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  1. The DigitalRev videos of late lack the liveliness and humor of videos from the days of old. What's going on? Why has Kai stopped breaking things? Where is the vivacious and funny Kai youtubers have come to love? Where is the witty albeit sometimes-corny punch lines? Why does Kai look like he's depressed 1:01 ? I hope everything's well with him.

  2. Why does everybody obsess so much about high rapid fire shutter speeds?
    I saw a guy at Mount Rushmore taking pictures in High-Speed Continuous Drive Mode.  Honestly what's the point?  The faces don't move or anything.

  3. Hello, Great Channel. I would like to ask for some help regarding the following three cameras:
    1) Canon EOS 6D
    2) Canon EOS 7D Mark II
    3) Canon EOS 70D

    Can you recommend which one is better. Thank You

  4. I am starting photography school and i am buying a camera…I am looking at the
    Canon 7d mkii or the Nikon d750.I love the feel/grip of the Canon and the layout over the Nikon D750,BUT THE d750 won lots of awards and is Full frame but it feels awkward in my hand and i don't like all the christmas red and green. Any suggestions oh and i like the shutter sound of the canon over the nikon ….help please

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