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Canon 70-200mm Big Battle (f/2.8, f/2.8 II & f/4)

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The 70-200mm is one of the most popular lenses around, but Canon has a few options available. Of course, the f/2.8 IS II(http://bit.ly/70-200ISII28) is the newest, …


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  1. I'm deciding on whether to get the 70-200. I do video mostly. If I am on
    a budget should I get the 4.0 non-IS? then upgrade to the 70-200 II IS ?
    or should i just wait till I have all the $ for the 2.8 II ? And is
    the Non IS version just as good on a Monopod/Tripod?

    Many Thanks!!

  2. What about going from the base f4 to the f4 IS. The IS version is 10-12 years newer? so Id imagine the image quality must be better. anyone seen the f4 versions being tested against eachother?

  3. I noticed that all the shots taken were 1/200 or faster. Basically that means that the IS is of no use on any of these shots !!! Lot of marketing going on here. I'd like to see a 200mm shot taken at 1/60 sec with IS and compare that to 200mm and 1/200 sec. Using f/2.8 gets you that extra 1 stop anyway.

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