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Canon 6D Mk II Tutorial (Video User Guide)

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  1. Omg thank you you wonderful human i don’t like reading guides (too easily distracted) and I was dying searching on how to access the histogram and found it in this video! ☺️

  2. Tony / Chelsea…. You are a great teacher and camera equipment reviewer. I learned a lot so far.
    – Why don't you like "the 1980's Led display" at the top? I Love it. If you don't like it, may I suggest that you put some tape over it… Problem solved.

  3. Sorry, Tony, but there is one AF tuning adjustment that I recommend everyone make who uses AI Servo mode. Change 1st and 2nd Image Priority to full Focus Priority, instead of Shutter Priority. I see no point in firing the shutter if AF has not locked.

  4. Im sure someone pointed this out already but at about the 30 min mark you mentioned Custom Function Exposure #7 then tell us NOTHING about it. Not a big deal just found it entertaining how it cut to something else.

    Tony: another option you might want to see is the seventh one Exposure comp. auto cancel… [jumps back to bracketing]

  5. Hey Tony, please warn us if they cost a lot first! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the 11-24 Canon lens on amazon … ok to be fair you did say something still OMG

  6. so I have the 6D MK II and I use the Video time-lapse feature a-lot and never had a problem with it, but recently It would only show me a portion of the video, I took a 20 Sec time-lapse, I would only see 6 seconds out of the 20. I tried to google it and see whats wrong, and found nothing and I'm wondering if you or yall can tell me whats wrong with my time-lapse feature..?

  7. Whenever I change a setting I get an annoying pop-up telling me what the setting does. Can I stop this? For example it I tap the ISO on the back screen and change to ISO 100 a box appears saying "Under clear skies and bright scenes", which I have to dismiss before I can actually change the setting.

  8. How do you do use the stabilizer in live view? I can only use the start/stop button to see the stabilizer I'd like to see my composition as well, The 80D does this on the 4th selection of info button….plz help 🙁

  9. just bought one for stills. The video looks soft compared to my Panasonic FZ2500. I didn't think the video would be spectacular since this is an older and less loaded model.

  10. Οκ το ειδα ολο. Οτι πιο κατατοπιστικό έχω δει ποτε , που αφορα οχι μόνο τη μηχανη μου αλλα και γενικότερες ρυθμισεις κοινες σε ολες τις μηχανές. Ελυσε τοσες πολλες αποριες μου . ανυπομονώ να ξεκινησω practice σε όλα αυτα που εμαθα σήμερα απο αυτον τον άνθρωπο.
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