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Canon 60D vs 650D – Which One Should You Get?

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In this video we take a little trip to the Ani Com fair, which showcases a load of people dressing up in maids and schoolgirl uniforms, to compare two of Canon’s …


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  1. I've bought the 60d 2 years ago and it was a real struggle between the 550d and the 60d, especially given the price difference that was there at the time. In the end it was the 60d because it's that bit bigger and my hands are quite large. With the 550d it kinda felt like I needed to squeeze the grip all the time and that's not something I want when I carry the camera around all day. I haven't looked back since and I love the 60d :).

  2. As he said the 650D is a good camera to learn with and will suit most users starting out. The 60D is the next step up for those who want a bit more from their DSLR.

    Since this vid was made the models have been replace and I'll be looking at the 700D which is about half the cost of the 70D. This is the determining for a lot of people starting out with photography.

  3. Which one is right for me?
    I'm currently on budget but 60D and 650D only difference about 100~200 bucks ( MY currency )
    Sorry , I never own DSLR before.

  4. Hi there!

    I'd like to buy a DSLR Camera for first time in my life. I'd like to shoot acting/prank videos and photography like levitation, personal photography which should looks like professional.
    My budget is around $750.

    Can anyone please suggest me any good camera with lense which would be best for me.


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