Home Photography Canon 60D vs 550D vs 7D – which one is better?

Canon 60D vs 550D vs 7D – which one is better?

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  1. 60D is a fantastic camera! I find it much easier to use for film then the 7D as it is smaller and has the forever useful pullout screen!  The buttons function fantastically for filming manually.   

  2. The way it was compared doesnt show much of the full potention, what each camera can do, its better if they do different test and look the best quality and the bad quality with the same lens. for instance I had 550D and comparing the function to 7D " as I have now " it cant be compared, with one simple test, such as taking still photos. 7D is build for Wildlife photography or sport photography, for instance the 7D have Higher buffer. 7D is on a different class. Why do i say that, is because I tried both of the camera and I feel the different when i have it on my hand when i am trying to do different photos. If I do portrait pictures on a studio, then yes no different whats so ever on the picture quality, but thats not how a camera works and as well ask yourself, what are you going to do with the camera.  

  3. Just got the 60D (second hand) but I had the t3i (600D) prior, my advice? Spring for the fuller size 60D for a few dollars more. My T3i was nice but the squeaky shutter noise got to me after a while and the small grip didn't feel great with even medium weight lenses. Then there was the made in Taiwan vs Japan dilemma for me also, all good reasons for the 60D made in Japan. If you can find one on the lower shutter count, a great buy to the T3i or any of the "rebel" brand. Not a big rebel fan..

  4. It entirely depends what you want out of a camera, if you're not wanting to spend a whole bunch on a camera body/would rather invest in glass initially the 550d will produce just as good an image as the other two. If you want more video function and slightly higher burst rate 60d is your best bet. If you want a high performance action photography camera that can handle being in harsh conditions the 7d is clearly for you. I've had a 550d for 4-5 years now and still use it, i'm more into wildlife/nature photography than sports etc but i've never encountered a situation where the camera body has been a limiting factor, only lenses that i was using at the time.

  5. I'm a hobby photographer on a budget. I've owned the 550D for a couple of years, but I've shot with 7D, 5Dmk2 and 700D.
    I haven't yet felt the need to "upgrade" my camera, because investing in decent glass is more important than just side/upgrading your camera.

  6. How you guys doing I'm new to this stuff camera stuff I mean can you guys please help me out I got two cameras I got a Canon T2i and a Canon T5 which one of those cameras is better???????

  7. And that's using the 10 year old original 7D to compare to the 550D and the 60D.
    The performance gap with the more recent 5 year old 7D MKII is even greater (10 frames per second, 65 focus points, 20.2 mp, dual card slots, etc).

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