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Canon 5Ds R vs Sony a7R II Hands-on Review

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With 42 megapixels, 4K video and 5-axis stabilisation, the Sony a7R II (http://bit.ly/Sony-A7rII) seems like a Canon 5Ds R (http://bit.ly/Can5DsR) killer – but just …


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  1. it's making me cringe the amount of articles i'm seeing on google about the a7r ii being "over rated" and "not worth replacing my dslr for merrh" the amount of late 40 year old shit photographers who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about is making useless articles is astronomic. they should start spending more time improving their photography rather than sitting and writing objectively wrong articles. you do not understand the true weight of this sentence: the a7r II's and a7s II's power is absolutely monumental. the reason being, it has completely eliminated the need for a tripod in almost all situations where a tripod will top off the sharpness, the combination between 5-axis IBIS and a back illuminated sensor means you can shoot in very low light at 1/60 or even 1/30 with 1500 ISO and f/5.6+ and the image quality will come unnoticably close to tripod quality. the only need for a tripod would be HDR or other specific stuff like night time photography or whatever. sony bashing articles are fine, just make sure the writer is someone who is a decent photographer and knows what he's talking about – make sure to find that out before taking them for granted.

  2. i like how people be like Woah amazing , when they ask me about my phone camera mega pixel and i say 23mp , but not after seeing these 2 fucks.. i mean am sorry but 50mp?

  3. Everybody knows and it's obvious this guy is canon biased on this review. What's the point of having a 50 mp on canon when you mount a rubbish lens, in other words you're losing the full potential on the 5dsr (resolution wise). Bad review on this one. Mirrorless you're not there yet to compete with DSLR's.

  4. The idea of the A7R II is great, but, its too sensitive. It is wildly reported from owners of errors, both mechanical and software. Its awesome that you can get 42mp with 4k recording, but, its limited selection of lenses which from tests show its not as optically sharp as Nikon or Canon.. Lots of shutter issues, lots of bugs, overheating.. its a great camera for indoor usage, not so much for outdoors

  5. canon needs to get its act together and stop nerfing their own cameras. they can literally release a 4k raw video 120MP camera but they're selling everything in between because of customer loyalty

  6. I saw that the 80D and D7200 sat on the shelfs at cosco since thanksgiving and until now its almost Feb, noone buys them, boys, dslr is dying in consumer market, who killed it? The phones, nowadays we have excellent phones like google pixel, iphone 7 plus, they are water proof, who needs to drag the bulky bodies around anymore!!!

  7. I have become a Sony convert. Yeah the skin tones suck, you are going to be spending time in Photoshop or Lightroom trying to get the colors right, for weddings I won't go without a DSLR, and for sports I won't either but Sony has a zillion in camera picture options to play with. Sure it can't do everything my DSLR can but my a6300 is the size of a range finder and the A7 isn't much bigger. Can't wait to get my hands on an A7S or A7RII…probably leaning toward the A7S for the insane low light ability since I don't print large photo's, do video and the regular A7II is kind of boring :/ In the mean time my a6300 is pretty amazing going toe to toe with a 5D Mk.III in ISO performance. I planned on getting a Canon 6D and I ended up with an a6300 + 2 native E-Mount lenses and a "dumb" EF to E-Mount adapter (for now). Also, my a6300 batteries will work in the 6000/6300/6500/A7II/A7SII/A7RII which is nice since you need a crap ton of batteries with these mirrorless cameras! My DSLR's have gone weeks of moderate usage with one or two batteries and the mirrorless cameras go through an entire battery in 8 hours or less! And if you plan to shoot a lot of video? You memory card space and battery life are practically intertwined! Thankfully, the a6300 can charge via USB and you can use the camera while it is plugged in so external power options are vast…not sure if the A7SII and the A7RII are that way but you are gonna need some power for sure!

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