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Canon 5DS & 5DS R Hands-on Preview

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Lok attended the Chai Wan day held by the photographers of HKIPP, where he got to grips with the newly-announced Canon EOS 5DS(http://bit.ly/Can5Ds) and …


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  1. HAHA I laughed when he said the poor mans medium format camera was Pentax. Since the release of the Pentax digital MF only a dumbass would choose Phase one or hassy at 5x the cost of Pentax. I shot the Pentax and edit phase and hassy files and blindfolded I could not tell the difference in IQ
    "Almost same quality as medium format"… snap out of it and go bank your Canon cheque…

  2. I guess I am a poor man using the Pentax 645Z, but guess what? I used to shoot the 5d mkii with L glass then the Nikon D800 and the poor mans camera I use now totally annihilates both Canon and Nikon for image quality. Also on another note being a professional photoshop user working in fashion advertising I edit Phase One and hassie files daily and can say they are amazing, but 35K amazing compared to the 10K pentax ???

  3. As the sensors get better at light capture, I wonder when the physics of the lens in the 35mm format will start to be the limiting factor.  Bigger glass means a bigger sweet spot in the lens (just ask anyone with an APS-C sensor and using regular 35mm coverage lens – sometimes you can get great results from what is otherwise an average lens).  If Canon is trying to make a more portable alternative to the MF cameras, then I think they might also need to rethink the workflow somewhat.  50MB+ images are anything but convenient to move around.  (Yes, USB3 helps…)

  4. Production note: Lok plz don't look at the camera when interviewing someone.  You should be talking to the person, not the camera.  And be careful with your english diction – I know it's not your native language, but work on it – even a little bit would help.

  5. I can see this being useful to large print format and studio shooters but I'm hoping the 5D MkIV has a lower MP sensor with better dynamic range and low light performance, with 4K video capability and the autofocus system in the 7D MkII.

  6. Just a suggestion, but I think Lok should have spoken with him in Cantonese where both of them are fluent and just include English subtitles. This way both of them could express in more detail about their opinions. My 2 cents.

  7. hi!hihpgh end ? no limit in photo taking ! I say, why , not ! canon are camera,lenses ! no ways to go ! so , his road are to very high end ! Sony ,are better ,in TV,music,video player,games player gadget. player are indoors,outdoor ! thank !

  8. My thing is this. If it does what you need it to do buy it. If doesn't move on. No need in arguing about something you are most likely not going not purchase anyways. Me personally it works well for me and I can rent Medium Format if I need it for a job. I'd rather spend those extra dollars on Marketing.

  9. hi! very good camera ,but,I say ,Sony a200 with Carl Zeiss 85 mm f1.4 , with do the good jobs ! spend moneys in 50 mp , I say ,no thanks. spend times on housing in dives video ,deep photo taking !! fujifilm X20 are better than everything . torch light waterproof. but not canon high end ….

  10. If DXOmark results of it came less than that of 6D , I think it will not be worth to purchase, look to the new NIKON D7200 , such amazing performance with a corp sensor at 24 MP i.e the pixel size is less than of 5Ds ,and the dynamic rang of it is up to 14.6 and you can get really very good image at iso 3200 , Really this is very good product from Nikon even I'm considering my self as canon shooter

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  12. I don't think that I'll believe that Kai passed away until I see a high res image of his cold stiff mortal coil. In low light with high DR. Somebody better get a Nikon!

  13. hello, im in the market for a full frame camera coming from a 7d. i shoot primarily for family gathering and my kids activities. i shoot around less than10k a year. i love the 5dsr and the video has help me a lot but my question is. do i need all those pixel or do i just get the 5d mark 4? and after 3-4 years which camera would have more value? thanks

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