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Canon 5D Mark IV Image Quality Review

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vs Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 5DS-R, NIkon D810, a7R II… and one mystery camera! AMAZON GEAR LINKS: * Canon 5D Mk IV on Amazon http://help.tc/5D4 …


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  1. how is metabone convertor for sony e-mount in terms of auto-focus after firmware updates. I have seen a few videos online but they are like 1 year old and the auto-focus performance is not upto the mark.
    It would be great if anyone can share their experience.

  2. So, is it fair to say:

    1) Image Quality is much better than 5D3.

    2) IQ is "almost" as good as Nikon/Sony.

    3) IQ is better than 5DSR (sans 50MP sharpness/resolution and if you don't downsample to eliminate noise in post).

    4) IQ color, flesh tones, etc etc. is good.

    If all that's true then I'm still feeling OK with my pre-order πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Tony. Would you make a video about 5DSR vs 5D4, which one to buy? I'm buying a new camera and couldn't decide to buy sr or 4. I think there must be people like me. We will appreciate if you could do that.

  4. Can I use the sigma 18-35 mm f1.8 for the 4K video? Since the crop factor is smaller than APSC size sensor. I am very poor to afford a camera and lens right now, I saved for this camera and I still need to wait a few months to be able to buy it (body only) I using the 70D now. I want to have the 4k feature but the file size area is disappointing me. I am going to buy it anyway because it's easy to resell later if I can afford a better video camera. I know that SONY and Panasonic have good 4K mirrorless camera but it is very difficult to find lenses here in my country, I used to rent or borrow lenses from friends (that's how we do it in a under developed country). Greetings from Madagascar.

  5. To the people disappointed in the M IV, what exactly were you expecting? It's the next camera in Canon's 5D lineup. Nothing more, nothing less. It's an excellent camera to shoot with, and at the end of the day, it's another tool in the bag. No camera can make a great image, only the photographer can.

  6. Hey Tony thanks for the IQ comparison video. I know you're a professional so I wanted to ask you if it really matters what camera you choose out of all of the ones mentioned in this video? I always thought that great photos come from the person behind the camera and not the camera itself. Is this true at all or with technology coming so far these days people just rely on the tool to get the job done? I just don't see how you can go wrong with any of the cameras mentioned in this video. They all seem like great choices and are tools to do different kind of jobs.

  7. According to DxOMark, the 5D Mark IV has slightly better dynamic range from ISO 200 & above than the Nikon D810.

    However the 5DS R should have been design with better dynamic range at base, since it's designed to be shot mostly at base ISO for landscape & portrait.

  8. Thanks Tony for great review as usual. Is it my imagination or are the two projected side by side images not quite clear on screen,Β in fact usually one of the two (perhaps too low display resolution)Β ? Thanks once again and a word to Canon: Don't fall asleep, not bad but how about 15 stops of dynamic range and no aa filter, nothing more!

  9. Im using canon 70D. I
    Had a problem. I think you guys can help me

    Why don't my pictures sharp?

    And also mega bites mb its very low

    What can I do for sharp?

    Please help me

  10. hello I allow myself to contact you I look at your tutorials very good, and I'm on a dead end, I want to go on the course and buy a canon device what material do you recommend? iv cannon or the 5dsr? for the wedding and the studio and also the landscape and autofocus thank you for the answer must I decide πŸ˜‰ Hi France

  11. is the 5d MK iv resolution better than the 7d MK ii's resolution when cropped to the same focal range? I have a 7d MK ii and I use it for wildlife photography (not just birds) and I'm wondering if I should also grab a 5d Mk iv? I'm wondering because I'm starting to print my wildlife photos.

    πŸ“· Canon 5D Mk IV on Amazon http://help.tc/5D4
    πŸ“· Canon 5DS-R on Amazon http://help.tc/5DSR
    πŸ“· Canon 5D Mk III on Amazon http://help.tc/5D3
    πŸ“· Nikon D810 on Amazon http://help.tc/D810
    πŸ“· Sony a7R II on Amazon http://help.tc/a7rII
    πŸ“· Nikon D7200 on Amazon http://help.tc/d7200
    πŸ“· Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 on Amazon http://help.tc/s35
    πŸ“· Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 on Amazon http://help.tc/s100

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