Home Photography Canon 50mm f1.2 R Review: AMAZING, but one BIG problem…

Canon 50mm f1.2 R Review: AMAZING, but one BIG problem…

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Canon 50mm f/1.2R ($2300): http://sdp.io/C50R Canon EOS R ($2300): http://sdp.io/R I compare the Canon 50mm f/1.2 R vs the Canon 50mm f/1.4 (with the …


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  1. seem like Tony isn't a technical competent photographer and simply read everything off spec sheet. I moved from Sony to Canon and don't miss a bit of IBIS. To get sharp focus at widest aperture value, you have to hold your camera properly. There's nothing to do with IBIS at all

  2. I realy like your videos BUT if you can't hand hold a 1/90s it is not the fault of the camera even with 30MP!
    and the EOS R is a Pro Camera it is study and will hold longer than any sony.
    Also i don't get the single card slot blaming, I work with a lot of different photographers and no one of them uses the second card for backups …

  3. The sharpness and clarity of that new lens does nothing whatsoever to compliment those models' faces and skin. When you get in there close some of those girls are rough as rats and one in particular has make up that makes her look like a damn clown! Fantastic lens, a bit out of my budget, but you can always dream can't you. Thanks for the review, very interesting.

  4. Fantastic lens. And that function ring. Great workability. That new RF mount promises us such exciting times. Next to it there will be a RF 15-38 f2.8 IS!! lens. 2.8 IS!! So far Canon was never able to produce a EF 16-35 f2.8 IS lens. It would have been too large and to expensive so you had the EF 16-35 f2.8 and the EF 17-40 f4 IS or the EF 16-35 f4 IS. It probably has everything to do with the new RF mount and the reduced 'flange distance'. It lets Canon produce smaller and compacter lenses which let in more light than previously so they can make them super small like the new RF 70-200 or add IS like the new RF 15-38 f2.8. Super exciting!! It the Eos R or the Eos RF will not pull us towards the mirroless canon bodys, the lenses surely will. Canon you sneaky bastard! 😉

  5. What do you mean ‘consumer body’. This is close to a pro body, and it’s not near a ‘consumer body’. This camera body is as good, if not better than the 5D Mark IV. The 5D Mark IV is a pro body.

  6. I am not sure if lack of IBIS is really such a big concern. If you do portraits, anything about 1/60, 1/90 is risky, not only because of camera shake, but also because of person movement. This knowledge and proper technique give me consistent, very good resuts, starting from 1/125 (Auto ISO on Nikon). And if you spend $2,300 on 1.2 lens, you probably plan to use 1.2 aperture lot of time – which hardly would force you to go that down with your shutter speed.And, IBIS body would be larger, heavier, and less battery-efficient.

  7. Your Fuji xt3 vs eos rp sharpness comparison is wrong because LR doesn’t process Fuji raw files properly do it again in capture one and see the real Fuji sharpness (disclaimer, I’m a canon user)

  8. "normal" lens doesn't have anything to do with the field-of-view or view-angle, rather "normal" means (at least on the old 35mm film cameras) that you get a roughly 1:1 magnification when you look through the viewfinder. Thus, looking with one eye through the viewfinder and with the other eye directly at the subject you'd see the the subject at the same size with both eyes, although cropped with the one you look through the camera (hence, not the same field-of-view)

  9. Sorry Tony, but you treated the non IS in a very bad way…
    Lack of light would not lead to close the aperture at all. It is also for that, beside DOF, that wide aperture exists.
    Would you try a photo at f4.5 in a dark environnement? Given the background here , it is totally useless.
    And your demo try a f1.2 in sunlight???
    Well, you just reversed the reality. A pity…

  10. Its amazingly sharp lens like ziess but put nikon 58 1.4g side by side pic you ll love nikon image as on rendering side. But on sharpness its way way sharper. Bokeh master = Nikon 58mm.

  11. Honestly, I think it’s too sharp. For portraits, sharpness can be detrimental sometimes. Some of those portraits didn’t look too great. The skin looked awful. Yeah, you could go in and smooth it out but that’s a lot of editing

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