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Canon 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Hands-on Review (feat. 5D Mark II)

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Although this L lens has been out for a few years now, we still get a lot of questions about it, especially given that it is one of the “kit” lenses that comes packaged …


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  1. You say that at 24mm there’s a fair bit of distortion. How bad is it? I used this lens on a 550d body (latest firmware) and it simply is not sharp, out of focus. Is it that bad, or could it be the combination 550d body with this lens?

  2. why you did not drop canon 1d into water?
    ……. I think you should drop it to waste water to see if the best can handle……………
    hey, chinese remove something from wastewater and make money i guess, they can handle it. can the best of canon do it better?

  3. We got this lens with our 5D Mark IV and it is soft on focus. Not just a bit soft either. The comparable Sigma lens outperforms it hands down. Not a lens fit for professional or portrait photography. Hard pass on this one.

  4. Poor review, where are the picture that you took. All i saw was how durable and fast it was. If it misses focus for professional portrait photographers it is absolutely worthless.

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