Home Photography Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 Review: SPORTS & WILDLIFE CAMERAS!

Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 Review: SPORTS & WILDLIFE CAMERAS!

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Canon 1DX II ($6000 on Amazon): http://help.tc/1dx2 Nikon D5 ($6500 on Amazon): http://help.tc/d5 Canon 7D Mark II ($1500 on Amazon): http://help.tc/7d2 …


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  1. 3:36 Full Auto Assault CANON?!?! It sounds almost like a full autotomatic rifle. Now on a serious note here… This video is EXTREMELY helpful on helping me make a choice on which camera I want to get for my upgrade from my Canon Rebel T3i. Overall your videos are top quality and lots of great information. Thank you for the great tips you share on your videos.

  2. i was watching your video but i not understand you properly you says for flying birds please say it again. 5dsr or d500. which is good for still bird and which is better for flying birds?

  3. I don‘t agree about the d5 and the 1dx if you shoot wildlife you will really like the low Noise of them. normally if you don‘t get close enough you won‘t get any good shot

  4. Interesting that he mentions that the 1DX doesn't have a C-LOG color profile. Peter McKinnon always shoots in C-LOG and he's usually carrying a 1DX. I'm guessing installing Magic Lantern may add a C-LOG profile?

  5. I’m glad I watched this. Using a 5dsr and a 7d2 now for wildlife and was thinking of replacing the 7d2 with a 1dx2 but I’ll just wait for whatever the successor to the 5dsr is to replace the 7d2.

  6. Obviously Nikon had to copy Canon in the hope that by making their camera almost identical, they could hope to get the same reliability as Canon. Nikon must be getting fed up of having to recall their flagship cameras for quality issues. They never seem to learn though, not do they ever seem to manage to crack it. They must be no. 1 for brand new out of the box failures for any of the main camera manufacturers – they certainly have been providing great competition in the failure category since at least 2002

  7. Damn, Tony. I came here to re-check on the 1Dx2 as a back-up body for wildlife and you recommend a body I already own??
    Why are you curing my GAS when I didn't ask? Screw you, Tony!

  8. Go D5 ! – a Canon 5DS-R is only 5FPS so you'll miss most of your shots if you're scoping out birds. A 50% increase of focal length gained by coupling to a crop sensor may sound like a lot of increase, but in the field it still can't compensate for being too far from your subject. 50MP can easily become 12MP if you're too far from the subject. Still not optimum.

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