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Canon 1DX Mk II Overview Tutorial

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A free, pro-oriented tutorial for the Canon 1DX Mark II camera. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:19 What I Don’t Cover 00:54 Battery, Memory Card 05:00 Ports 07:10 …


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  1. If you are using two cameras, you can use the GPS log to geotag the images taken with the other camera or you can use it to tag images that for some reason (like indoors) did not get a fix.

  2. I just picked up the 1DXmkII and this video is exactly what I was looking for in a tutorial. I watch all your videos and I can't thank you enough for everything that I have learned from the two of you. You both are my "go to" camera experts!

  3. Thanks Tony for doing this with the 1DX the menu is very complex. Thanks for explaining what is what on here… so much information I keep putting this video on hold and keep coming back to it to learn more & more.

  4. Looking somewhat dated these days, a bit of a waste when it comes to that touch screen compared to what is available now (in fact it is pretty poor when compared to the screen on the 80D which was released around 2016). Still a very nice camera though, however I doubt Canon will be updating this type of flagship camera, they seem more focused at moving towards mirrorless full frame – I am still a bit confused as to which lenses from way back when, will be compatible with their mirrorless full frame models, a bit confusing.

  5. Tony mocked the idea of using the Canon software to download files via USB. The Ethernet port is the best way to download photos, not the USB port. I wonder if he knows this. Of course he does, because he mentioned using the Ethernet port for tethering.

    AEC is not available in Manual mode because it would be meaningless. Except, when you enable Auto ISO in Manual mode AEC suddenly becomes available! On other Canon models, you may have to program the wheel for exposure compensation.

    Tony mentions using the [Q] button to change exposure settings. Actually, you can press the [INFO] button to call up a real time display of exposure settings, and use the same controls that you would if you were using the viewfinder to adjust exposure settings. You need to disable the setting that causes the shutter to blank the screen. He probably does not know about this feature because only Canon bodies can do this.

    The GPS has two modes. Mode 1 has GPS enabled at all times. Mode 2 has GPS enabled only when the camera is turned on, which saves battery power. Depending upon your location, the GPS will take 30-120 seconds to acquire satellites. It acquires faster if the camera is moving. Speaking of moving, the GPS logger records the camera’s location in a separate log file as you move around, in addition to recording GPS data in the metadata.

  6. Hi Tony. I filmed my first Movie in 4K with the cam yesterday. I used a Rode Video mic pro. When i watch the Movie on the screen from the cam everything seems to be good. When i watch it on the Computer: The picture and sound are not synchron. Can you help me?

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