Home Photography Canon 1DX Mk II Image Quality Review (vs Nikon D5, Canon 5DS-R)

Canon 1DX Mk II Image Quality Review (vs Nikon D5, Canon 5DS-R)

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Before our upcoming full review, here’s a glimpse at the new Canon 1DX Mk II’s image quality, compared to the Canon 5DS-R and Nikon D5. Please buy them …


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  1. Appreciate it very much as I'm a huge 5DSR and Sony A7Rii user, have a 1Dx II on order, but you hit the nail perfectly on the head when you talk about NR / high ISO and trading it off for a better end picture. You are making me think about not getting this camera as there is not much in it over the 5DSR – except obviously for sports. Thank you

  2. +Tony Northrup, thanks for the comparison. When you do the 1DX MkII vs. D5 review, I hope you'll expand the AF performance testing beyond the "daughter walking down the hall" scenario. I realize you use that scenario to maintain cover control over variables. That said, there is value to subjective testing and evaluation. For instance, it'd be interesting if you were to allow a couple of wildlife/sports photogs to anonymously shoot with both bodies and then share their subjective evaluations with you.

    Regardless, I do appreciate your time and effort, and the videos you produce to share the results of your findings. Thank you.

  3. How long are these OEM's going to stick with the AA filter? I mean come on, Why would you drop 6 grand on something and see image quality like that? Ive had my D810 almost 2 years now and have never seen moire and I have tried to shoot things in raw that should produce moire. I know Canon was "late" to the game with the whole no AA filter but you'd think they would have saw the benefits immediately

  4. Is canon back in the game ? 1DX ll better AF and better DR in
    low ISO than D5. I am really thinking of upgrade from 1DX first version.
    Anyway gonna wait for proper test

  5. Tony please answer my question, I have Sony a7II and photos after I take them looks better and more natural if you look through viewfinder than on lcd or on macbook ? I think it's strange but it's true, in viewfinder photos are gorgeous. Thank you

  6. Obvious comparison to make is with Nikon D5, which according to this has better high ISO images, but everything else still needs to be compared, meaning focus speed & accuracy, frame rate, video? (any weird 3 minute limit on Canon?), etc.

  7. A test I'd love to see is the II vs the original 1dx for IQ, high ISO and dynamic range. You always make it a point to talk about used cameras; I picked up a 1dx with a low shutter count this week for around $3k. Surely the "II" isn't twice as good…:)

  8. +Tony & Chelsea Northrup Would you share the comparison of above 3 cameras in live view when low light? For Nikon D800, I saw some problems in low light for focus when zooming in (DOF live view simulation) when shooting stars, sunrise. Thank you as always!!

  9. hey tony. I have the sony a6000 with the kit lense and I was wondering . if I buy a more expensive lense , would that more expensive lense produce better quality pictures ?

  10. Thanks for the quick comparison. Can you compare the dual pixel AF on the 80D to the 1DX mk2? Aside from the flip out, rotating screen, I'd assume the user experience and performance would be similar…

  11. As a photographer for 8 years, I must ask:

    – why do you insist on showing shadows recovered by 5 stops ?
    – why, when you compare a camera with 50 Mp and one with 20, you upsize the one with 20 to 50, making it look like garbage ?

    I hope I'm not wrong on the last one.

    I got the D750 after the D700 and there was an improvement in dynamic range that I was craving for, I'm not blowing out the whites any more and the images look a lot like a flat profile, with tons of data. That's how I define dynamic range, not pushing a 5 stop underexposed image. This trend has to stop.

  12. Hello,

    Now I have
    watched this episode with pleasure. There now remains a question burning. Now I
    am looking for Nikon D3x. If it now only comes along to on the picture quality,
    can this camera come still ?

  13. @Tony&ChelseaNorthrup . Theres something that often goes noticed , with the Mark2 She looks cuter , her skin looks smoother less blotchy . seems like it has more bits of color . I'm not sure if its sharper or just more contrast wich adds fake sharpness. hhmmm

  14. Did you upscale the lower resolution ones again? I don't understand why you think you can compare sharpness when you scale the images of the lower res ones… this will ALWAYS be the case since upsampling means you add extra non existing pixels.

  15. Hey, Tony quick question. So i'm a little confused about your video explaining the "analog to digital conversion." Why would it matter getting something like the 5DSR when current lenses on the market only support about 20MP?? Thanks in advance, and i love your book SDP! Almost done with it!


  16. although 5dsr has more pixel the dxo mark results show Nikon D810 is better I think Canon has more to offer but still read the same story more high trade market with less in compare with the new rival. I hope the 5D IV will change the game rules for canon

  17. People aren't really getting what Tony is saying. I have a D5 and a D810 because they are a compliment to each other (like the 1DX2 & 5DsR). The D810 kills my D5 in image quality compared to my D5, in the same amount the D5 destroys the D810 at sports and low light performance. I take both to weddings and during the day at the ceremony the D810 rules, but later that night at the reception when I can't be popping a flash every 5 seconds and if I want action shots of the Bride twirling in her dress or people dancing the D5 is it. They back up each others weaknesses and that is why I didn't sell my D810 but rather added the D5.

  18. Cleaner at high iso yeah bs..look at the loss of detail on the d5 on the metal knob in the photo. I dont care if it has lower noise at high iso if you are loosing detail.

  19. Idk why the eos 5dsr is getting compared here. the 1dx mkii and the Nikon are purpose build cameras. The eos 5 is an allrounder. It's like apples and peers here. Or put a 4mp mobile phone in there. it's lighter and you can make phonecalls as well. High end cameras are for photographers who know how, where and when to use these. If you are not sure, get an allrounder. High speed cameras will never beat mp's, they don't have to. They just have to snap the perfect picture. So they can be published. And rarely get blown up so massively you will start to see the less resolution. Don't forget, they are full frame anyway. So they are not that bad.

    Other than that I enjoyed watching your review. But stop throwing in different cameras that are totally different. These days there are so many cameras. And it will be hard to choose. But when it comes to purpose build cameras. Then you have to be carefull. Do your research, and stick to your category. And my opinion is that the eos 5d is a different category.

  20. What I learned from you guys is that to pick the right tool for the job. No camera is entirely suited for everything. Detail work = mp….Sports needs speed>JP. Took this noob a while to figure.
    Two body person next year. Rugby,Lacrosse,surfers,racing..1dx
    Landscape ,sunrisesets = ?
    Thank you guys!

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