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Canon 1D Mark IV vs Airsoft Gun – Shootout

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We got asked how fast and accurate the Canon 1D Mark IV(http://bit.ly/Canon1DIV) autofocus is, and we thought that we’d answer the question in typical …


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  1. Let's play hadrbal (like airsoft, but in Russia and using a hunting air rifles and heavy armor). Interesting, will you survive? Somebody use police guns with rubber bullet's, it can't kill. Usually.

  2. I was looking for some info on a 1D Mark IV a relative gave me and while i didn't find that here, the video was quite entertaining. I hope all is well with you guys, the protests in Hong Kong are all over the news here in the United States. Don't forget that if you give up your freedom, you'll never get it back. Stay safe, and free!

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