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Canon 1100D vs 2nd-hand Canon 40D

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Last time Kai got a few unhappy comments about his slightly harsh criticisms about some of the Canon 1100D(http://bit.ly/Cano_1100D) shortcomings, even …


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  1. About 1.5 years ago I bought 2nd-hand 40D as the first DSLR in my life. I still love it and don't want to change body, however I want to get more lenses 🙂 BTW, when I bought my camera it had only 2000 shots, so it was almost new. And I paid just a little bit higher then $300 (for body + EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 III + two batteries + battery charger + strap). At this price I got great camera with really solid body, 5.6 frames per second and fast and precise autofocus.

  2. You would get two years warranty or even more with a new camera while only a few month with a second hand one! You never know how much use or abuse a second hand camera has already endured and it can fail just after the warranty is over!

  3. Can someone recommend me an okay digital SLR just for family and leisure photos. Nothing too expensive, pref something I can get cheap second hand. And something which has better quality than a Samsung galaxy S5

  4. It's 2017, I'm poor and I'm an amateour photographer. I got a 50D with 560 shots, I was upgrading from a 450D, and it's fine, it shoots good quality images, it handles decently high ISOs and, more importantly, I can afford it and I can spend more money on lenses! It's a properly built camera, sturdy, decent fps, so, I'm quite happy with it. And, when I'll upgrade to FF, I'm going to get either a 5D mk II or a mk III 🙂

  5. Maybe a few years since this video but i STILL have and use my 1100D regularly. I think it is a great camera for what it has. I started my photography with it and have remained loyal to it…highly recommend it for anyone starting out with DSLR's.

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