Home Photography Camera Strap Review: Black Rapid, Cotton Carrier, Peak Design & More!

Camera Strap Review: Black Rapid, Cotton Carrier, Peak Design & More!

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  1. I never liked the Black Rapid wile shooting with Canon DSLR gear because I considered the strap unwieldy with heavy cameras. It is O.K. with a mirrorless camera as long as I don;t carry a flash on my hotshoe. When I have a flash attached, I am concerned about the safety of the flash/hotshoe connection.
    The Cotton carrier is too hot for my Southern California shooting and looks like a orthopedic contraption. Good for exceptionally long lenses with ful frame cameras and flash attached.
    Best for me when I am carrying my A6500, especially with a tt350S flash attached, is the Peak Design Slide Light. It is the most comfortable and versatile strap that I have used…

  2. My favorite strap is the Magpul MS4. It's an excellent convertible single/two point rifle sling that uses a standard rifle Quick Disconnect fittings. Really Right Stuff is adding QD fittings to their Arca plates and battery grips, as well as clamps that add a QD fitting to your existing arca compatible plate. QD is secure, but easy to remove, and this solution avoids having numbs in the middle of your hand with an L grip.

    Because the sling can convert to two points, there's an option of attaching it to both the camera body and the foot of a telephoto lens. That can avoid the problem of the lens swinging around while hanging from a strap.

  3. The Black Rapid Double is my preferred solution for carrying two camera's at an event. It makes you look like a dork but not as much of a dork as if you were using the Cotton Carrier.

  4. Thanks Tony & Chelsea for this video it helped with picking my strap as I hated the strap which came with my camera. After doing some further research I went with Peak Design but their Leash Strap as it suited my needs better.

  5. The Cotton Carrier is fricking awesome. I have used it a lot. It can hit you in the junk though if you don't wear it high and/or have a long lens and/or you're short. I'm just over 6 feet tall and the Canon 400 5.6 can sometimes bounce and hit me where it's not so pleasant (if I don't have the vest properly fitted and snug). The higher up you wear it, the better. But man does it make long hikes with your camera so much more enjoyable.

  6. Nice and funny presentation. My first choice is Blackrapid with a little modification by putting an Arca Swiss attachment instead of the little round ring. Mine is always ready to be put on a tripod. this is the best for me (mostly wildlife photographer)

  7. Disappointing there aren't more options out there. I shoot wildlife and carry and med/large lens AND binoculars all the time. Currently using something similar to black rapid. I like the way the black rapid slides but I tend to hold the lens when walking around to avoid it slapping against me. When I do that and take some of the weight off, the shoulder strap slides off my shoulder. I need something that has an additional strap under the opposite arm to prevent that. It still doesn't solve the binocular issue. I'm just carrying that around my neck with a regular strap. Anything else out there?

  8. Had to turn off after 1 minute, couldn’t stand that hideous unnecessary loud noise you call background music. Worst noise I’ve ever heard! So I’ll never know what you think of the straps. Shame because I value your thinking.

  9. Looked at a lot. I settled on Peak Design. I have all three versions of the straps ie. slide slide lite and the leash. If you shoot M43s sized equipment i recommend the leash. For my Sony APS-C I use the slide lite and for my full frame or M43 with motor drives use the sldie. I also have three of thier bags. I cannot say enough. WARNING the Peak Design Clutch (hand strap) is picky which camera body it works with. So test yours before buying one!

  10. My Preference is the Op Tech USA Utility Strap Sling used with my Sony RX10m4. Goes over left shoulder camera sit about waste level on right . Slides up strap to take photo Magic. I have an extra strap for security attached to my trouser belt loop. All are sturdy but quick release by squeezing with finger and thumb. Very comfortable to wear not like the basic Sony strap which slides and causes friction if round neck. By the way your various video presentations are just great. Thank you.

  11. You forgot to show the option with the Peak Design Slide to attach a connector to the tripod plate for sling carrying. Keeps the lens always pointed down and out of the way. Great vid though!

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