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B&W photo Challenge, Insta BOKEH? weird Chit Chat: Tony & Chelsea LIVE!

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Get Lightroom + Photoshop: http://sdp.io/adobedeal You can submit ONE PHOTO once the show is LIVE to http://sdp.io/submit. This week’s photography theme …


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  1. The only reason people think you two look alike is because you share a lot of facial expressions, which is common for people who spend a lot of time together. It’s the same reason why people “look” like there pets.

  2. On the job, also simply means doing a task, ie getting it done, without any innuendos in the UK. Your Tower of London comment if that's what you say, is not the well-known image of the fortress-like tower, imo. Great and amusing show though.

  3. 48:25, Hi, since contrast and cropping are often-used methods in enhancing pictures, then using a fake background, can be similar to substituting an air balloon with a moon as per one of your books? Surely, if SOOC is not manipulated then part of the 'art' of photography is unused, I opine.

  4. It' so enjoyable and informative to watch you! Thanks! Just remember the negative remarks are probably not from people you would like to know. Keep up your excellent videos. Yes, they are inspirational, Chelsea!

  5. Chelsea YES you need to do your forensics show. I think that could be exciting to see you examine and discover. How a photo was made or altered

  6. @25:35 OMGosh! Chelsea your imagination has me ROFL!! Woot!

    You're both attractive people, but I don't see a similarity. I think he must've been joking!

    "You don't even have the 'Dreaded Hump', you have the 'Plateau of Doom'." "It's my favorite Indiana Jones movie." LOL

    Blondie: "…and you had these ridiculously oversized players." LOL

    You guys were on fire today!
    Thank you so much for being yourselves on YT!!

  7. Am I the only one that hates that fauxkeh/ fake background blur shit? Gah it looks bad. Even if it perfectly got the edges right (which it won't) you don't just universally blur the background like the photoshop blur tool. Certain things in the distance will change in size and resolution depending on how far away they are and how close the subject is. This shit just cheapens really awesome shallow depth of field shots. You can't fake bokeh. There is no substitute for a wide aperture.

  8. i am a beginner. i feel like both of u are the best one to help me buy my first dslr. m confused between canon 200d and nikon d5300. please help me out. i will be very much thankful to u. thanks…..

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