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Buying Used Cameras & Lenses: Warranties, eBay, sniping & MORE

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  1. At 10:25 the problem with purchasing gray market equipment is addressed. How do you ensure a product is not a gray market product? It seems there should be a service where you enter the serial number. Not purchasing from a foreign country is a good idea to avoid gray market products but what if someone who owned the product before you purchased a gray market product – you'd still have a paper weight if it failed.

  2. Buying used matos it's the thing that i do for many years for professional using into my independant movie company (Nikon D800 and sony Fs 700 with atomos and old nikkor ai-s lenses)

    Watch out for issues that sellers try to rip you off with some are listed here.
    Some are obvious of which sellers try to sell dodgy gear and say the issue wont a be a problem such as examples of lens fungus, AF not working but can be focus manually front element scratched or other typical issues. Cameras dust on focus screens or scratches,ling rubber grips excessive wear to body also sensors ( I bought from Ebay a Sony D 200 but after a bit I found out somebody had sprayed some chemical and left droplet marks on it all my images had grey spots in certain places- I managed to sell to a shop in part exchange) – LEAVE ALONE IF ANY ISSUES HAVE BEEN MENTIONED BECAUSE THE BUYER CANT SELL IT TO A PHOTOGRAPHIC RETAILER SO HE WILL PAWN IT OFF ON SOME GULLIBLE BUYER.

    You have EBAY to complain to if the seller sells you a faulty item this will not cover you if you buy when the seller has mentioned an minor issue that may really be a more sinister issue when you receive the item the worst case if this happens is to give the seller a negative feed back and give a comprehensive reason for your feedback.

    I have just purchased a New Nikon D 7200 body ex-display from a photographic retailer ( high street) for £699 and I got £100 PX ( D 300 Body)so that become £599 £ 300 under what other shops in the high street are selling it for.

    Tony this video is a solid reminder and I add to point out other issues as there are some rip off used sellers that use the photographic market to make money.

  4. Late, but still have a question. I have excess to an electronics cleanroom (class 100, class 1000), so I have a very clean environment where I could dissassemble the lens to clean the insides. Do you think that's something reasonable if I get a lens with dust inside?

  5. Outstanding information. all 100% relevant. the only thing i would add would be that if you do end up buying a gray market camera body or lens, you can get it serviced by a non Nikon/Canon servicer.

  6. Nice Video, One thing to mention about Gray Market, I was looking for a Nikon 810 and saw one from Korea, that did not have WIFI, it turns out that WIFI was not allowed in products from there…glad I read it before I jumped on the lower price.

  7. Ha, I wouldn't ever be walking into "that guy's house!" – I have bought used but only from at trusted "gear head" friend or a respected camera store with a return policy. I then know that the items ( lenses) have been checked out and graded. Never had a problem with any of my used gear. I like to buy camera bodies new but have bought "open box" and saved a bit.

  8. I buy 'really' used — recently bought a Canon 40D for under $300 ($2000 when new) and a Canon 5D (original) for $350 ($4000 when new in 2005). Both are good for what I used them for. My newest camera is the Canon 70D, bought second hand.

  9. I’ve purchased a 6D, 17-40 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm, 30 mm all working perfectly well. Mostly thru eBay. Knock on wood. The only camera I bought new was my 7D which has lost nearly all its value thanks to the rise of full frame cameras’ popularity. Plus you can sometimes add a square trade warranty to your purchase if you are that concerned about it. If you’re not wealthy, or just starting out buy used or refurbished. So long as your savings is at least 50% off or more than the retail price. I would never buy anything used if I’m only getting 25% off, that’s just a rip off.

  10. My first camera was a 1972 Nikormat totally manual. I never ever bought a new lens. If the aperture worked if it focused and the glass was in good condition it's all good. I still use those lenses on my D610

  11. Dont sell or buy used equipment from a retail outlet they gove sweet FA for it as trade in and sell it for a huge profit – of you cannot get a good trade in ,walk away as there are loads of dealers fipping us off when we trade up for a new camera or lens .
    So dealers what have you got to say for yourselves?

  12. I commented 4 months ago talking about what a joke ebay is. I bought a new 70-200 in the end. I also wanted a tiny backup camera recently and fancied a Nikon D3*00. Ebay morons paid more for a D3200 with 40k shutter actuations than the price of a new D3500 on Amazon with full warranty!!!!!!!!!! Great place to sell gear! But buying? No!

  13. Really really great lenses ie Canon 70-200 IS ii are rarely discounted on used sights, because nobody wants to sell theirs…if the used price is super low, it’s because nobody wants theirs…..

  14. Very thorough and useful video. Well done! That said I'm not sure I totally agree about scuffs and scrapes being relatively inconsequential. Like Tony I accept that cameras do eventually show signs of use. But I have a Nikon D 7000 with 110,000 shutter actuations that only has one tiny scuff mark because I respect my gear and take care of it. I've seen identical cameras with 20,000 actuations that look like they have been through a demolition derby because their owners don't respect and or take care of their gear. Chances are if the body is all dinged up other less obvious faults may be lurking in the background. Finally I wish Tony had talked a bit about third party warranties. I'm in the process of buying a used Nikon D500 and find myself wondering if it's worth buying a 1-year Square Trade warranty for $109?

  15. If your handy with a screwdriver then sparies & repairs are the best option for saving money.

    I got given a SONY A55 that ws dead, turned out all I needed was a motor for the shutter reset. A few hours later I had a working camera [It did require tearing the whole thing apart]. Lens fungus is one you have to take the whole lens apart, the damage it causes can also be perminat as the fungus eats the glass away when left long enougth.

  16. eBay is actually cheaper most of the time. The example you showed for the D810 confirms (new are cheaper than Amazon).

    I browse a looooooooot for various types of gear (photography, ebikes, computers, other things) just out of curiosity. There are very few instances where I find a slightly cheaper price on Amazon compared to eBay.

    Another good option is to find the sellers on ebay, check their websites and see price differences. Research is key and always comparing several sources.

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