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Build Your Own Dreams! Feat. Peter McKinnon

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  1. Gentlemen, I am almost two years late in seeing this video and I have to say, this is the most inspiring video I've seen that suggests you pursue your dreams. Matti and Peter, I have become such huge fans of your bodies of work. I watch something you all do or have done, every day. I see the influence you have on how video should be produced, filmed, composed, thought out all over YouTube. Thank you both for inspiring me to want to be like each of you and better because of you both. Please keep inspiring!

  2. One of the best parts of this video is the end. Bear with me…
    You have just been delivered a hefty bit of motivation. The screen goes black and you are left solely with your reflection in the mobile device you are currently consuming on. Got get your dreams, YOU!

  3. I have fallen in love with Costa Rica and am heading back in April with a case full of photography gear and a heart full of dreams. THIS is what I needed to see. Inspired!

  4. I am pretty sure I have watched this video 100+ times now. Truly love this one you guys. Even listen to it sometimes while walking out of work or in the car. Motivates me to keep working on my own thing. One day to go full time freelance.

  5. You have good filmmaker friend it’s easy for you every your video you have his help which makes me feel so upset , I don’t have friends like and second my age I’m getting old 😐, to be honest after watching I feel so empty instead of to be motivated, why you didn’t record only yourself? So upsetting video

  6. If you wonder, where this is. It is not one spot. It is a whole area in the southern Alps (Switzerland / Italy).

    They traveled from East to West:

    0:10 I have seen this before, but I could not find it. (It is near Cortina d’Ampezzo, One of Peters videos gave it away (google: Ampezzo Pizza))
    0:30 Passo di Giau (right part)
    0:45 Passo di Giau (left part)
    0:57 Lake Como
    1:10 City of Colico Piano
    1:53 4167m above sea level? In that region maybe Piz Bernina
    2:04 Two frozen lakes: Silsersee and Silvaplanersee (This is near Piz Bernina)
    2:20 Matterhorn

    Passo di Giau and Matterhorn are a few hundred kilometers apart.

    (The two Porsche are form Stuttgart, Germany, as the license plate tells. Probably Porsche itself. No third party rental.)

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