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CHRIS HAU! (He helped me make this!) https://bit.ly/1Gyopn1 Written, directed and edited by Peter McKinnon Cinematography by Chris Hau Mixed by Gabe …


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  1. I feel like the message is self awareness, on one side, but a lot of us have to rely on these tools like likes & approvals from others to get to where we want to be. If anything, you have to be conscious of everything, like who you are, why you do things, why others do things, who everyone else is trying to be or is and when you understand that, you'll be able to use it all to your advantage, whilst staying switched on. There's a game to be played, in terms of business anyway, but the world and society functions on these platforms of interactivity, step back from it all, gather perspective, and go back in, like Neo in the Matrix.

  2. Saw this and thought "This is really good but its different from Peter's normal content". Then I watched "Don't stop creating for yourself" and I understood. I love that you try to educate us but it would be nice to see more of your creativity as well.

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