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BOOSTED REV REVIEW – The BEST Electric Scooter?

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  1. My question is, if you ride it to a store, or to the gym, or a doctor's office, or where ever; security and parking is going to be a huge issue. Most especially in places like Toronto where bike theft is rampant.

    I've been considering one of these for a while, and waiting for municipal and provincial laws to accommodate them first. Bird scooters are doing a 2 week pilot in the distillery district right now.

    Parking definitely and theft are two priority issues that need addressing. Then safety of course, you can order speed limitation direct from the dealers if needed.

  2. My WideWheel goes 25 mph and I went up steep hills in Monterey. Drove it 25 miles at 25mph , from Marina to Pacific Grove. Cost less and I put a seat on mine as well. Has cruise control, too.😁😁

  3. How tall are you guys. Sometimes you can't figure out scale and this time is one of them. If your all like 5' 8" or if your all over 6' it'll help Us gauge the size. Many things are disappointingly small when your 6' 3", back starts to hurt cause your bent over and all. Thanks guys, I'm really looking to buy two of these for my kids this holiday but my kids are tall. My Daughter is 5' 11' and son 6' 3".

  4. This is not the best scooter for that price point. Dont get me wrong, its a very good scooter, but there are better options for the same price.
    For example, the Emove Cruiser from VORO, has a 60 miles range, dual suspension and its cheaper.

  5. Is it really bumpy because there is no shocks? I had the Ninebot max which was great until you rode on uneven pavement that made it so bumpy and not pleasurable to ride.

  6. Re: your camera 📸. Question: how do you manager to get the shot so smooth (not jerky ….moving around).
    I always loose the face or shot.
    Thanks 🙏

  7. Best electric Scooter? Never ever!
    Too low to the ground, poor range compared to other scooters, absolutely zero suspension, not enough space on the deck, way too expensive!
    Better get a Dualtron Raptor, Spider or Zero 8X, 10X.

  8. Wished the handle bars folded as some scooters have for carrying and storing reasons. However, you could buy separately but you need to check that the dual clip at rear wheel would accommodate it?

  9. A rubber power modulator wheel would be terrible for people with sweaty hands. My hands are super clamy and slip a lot on the plastic boosted board control wheel. I think with continued use of the one on the rev you would build up a small calais just like anything else.

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