Home Photography Blur the Background with Photoshop (and without expensive lenses!)

Blur the Background with Photoshop (and without expensive lenses!)

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  1. Poor tutorial, that's a very poor way to blur background, you only gonna waste time and resources.
    your photo tutorials are very good but PS tuts nah! sorry!

  2. doesnt work at all. cant get past 1 min. maybe cuz my camera was on auto-focus and it was dark. so it randomly selects focused areas. tried manually ad/subst. focus, but this feature is horrible as it messes things up.

  3. This is pretty interesting. I personally wouldn't do this just because of the time it takes to get it to look natural. It still just doesn't look quite right to me. I'm sure if he spent more time on it and didn't have to present it within a video it can look pretty damn close to the real deal. Maybe if it was on my own time and not for a job I would play around with it but if it was for a client and I didn't have the lens to get this effect, I would just try my hardest to work with what I had to get the effect in camera. But it is always good to know what options you have to save a shot that has a great moment captured but lacks the technical effect you may see would really compliment the image to really make it a fantastic shot.

  4. I like that Tony has a broadcasting voice. Makes a huge difference in watch-ability. Not keen on channels that have music in the background or the presenter speaks too fast. Tony has great pacing.

  5. Awesome tutorial! at 1:20 does anyone know where refine edge button is on the latest version of photoshop? (CC version) it seems to be missing? I'm following this tutorial and can't seem to find that feature.

  6. I just got a weird survey about your video from YouTube and I wanted you to know. They asked if I was satisfied or dissatisfied and I put very satisfied and then they asked me how it ranked against the other videos I watched this week and I said it was one of the best which was the highest. This is a very well detailed tutorial very easy to follow very helpful. Thank you for spending your time helping us newbies through the trenches

  7. Can you have a look at the new preserve details 2.0 in photoshop for upscaling images. In my tests an image upscaled from 200mm by 200% is better than a 400mm lens. Its much cheaper, more depth of field, easier to focus, lower aperture needed and faster shutter speed can be used

  8. Excuse me, what are you saying at 10:50? Shift Alt 5? Sometimes your voice volume drops off and you talk quickly, making a key point hard to follow during a process. Otherwise, you're a great teacher but this is something I noticed you could do to improve your lessons.

  9. Great tutorial (as always) – really the only one I've seen where the time is taken to apply different blurs to the middle ground and background. The selection based on focus is a great trick I did not know about, as well.

  10. stumbled on this while looking for a way to denoise or blur my background and then sharpen the subject, (mainly birds/wildlife) by far the best tutorial I have seen, I mainly use lightroom but been messing with PS for a week now lots to learn but with tutorials like this it makes it so much easier, Thank You

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