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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Gennaro makes Gnocchi

Jamie Oliver's Italian food guru Gennaro Contaldo shows how to make fresh Potato Gnocchi. For the recipe visit ... source
Jamie's having a bit of a cook up out in Essex with his Food Team. Today is all about Indonesian flavours and he knocks up a spicy little rice dish called Nasi ... source
Love a good steak? Then give your steak some love! This is the most awesome cut of meat and method you'll find this side of planet Radatron. Stoke it up Food ... source
While conducting a First Amendment Audit of the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station I encounter a female deputy who wasn't too happy with my filming. source
You asked for more retro Jamie Food Tubers and here it is! Jamie's just turned 30 and travelling through Italy on a road trip. Here he is in Puglia learning how to ... source
If you're new, Subscribe! → At one point, Katherine Heigl was considered TV's newest "it" girl, with a stunning future ahead of ... source
Maunika's back FoodTubers with this beautifully spiced Vegetarian jalfrezi recipe. Paneer cheese dry fried with cumin, turmeric, chilli and crisp slices of green ... source
DJ BBQ creates chaos cooking his own Chilli Con CARNAGE recipe to an awesome metal track. Ever seen a grown man cry? No? Then take a look in the mirror ... source
This is a paid AD. With the release of Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 set for March 25: http://jamieol.com/QPxcLB star of the film Nia Vardalos pops by to rustle up ... source
SUBSCRIBE TO GENNARO'S CHANNEL = http://goo.gl/zp6aR In this series Jamie's mentor and friend Gennaro cooks some gorgeous Italian dishes from the ... source


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