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  1. Just stumbled on your channel. Enjoyed this video. Ive always used iPads, iPhones but I just bought my 1st iMac used but didn't realize that since its a 2011 my reminders app doesn't sync with iOS 13. Any suggestions to make this work I would greatly appreciate

  2. What if sidecar feature can be extended to iPad, so that you can use the more powerful iPad for the heavy lifting work and the second iPad to preview. This will be the whole grail in my opinion.

  3. Hi , that helped me making a decision on buying a new Mac instead going back to Windows. The next video about the Ipad Pro will be very helpful showing:
    Importing and exporting Final cut projects from Mac to Ipad Lumafusion. Also adobe as I could not work out how to start editing from the IPad and merge to my Mac , did not work.

    Renato Martins Photography

  4. you should at least mention the lack of 32bit support and the recent problems with photoshop and lightroom… i mean sidecar is great and all but these are very important things to consider when upgrading!

  5. come on its just a second screen that you can have better with any computer , please stop saying ' as creator ' and the must of your video is talking about a simple second small screen

  6. It’s got a TON of issues since it got rid of support for 32-bit. Know several voice actor friends that had to spend a day backing up and reinstalling to the old OS so they could work. When it’s stable, it is going to ROCK though and specifically because of Sidecar 👍🏼

  7. Yes please Matti, I have been on the fence about buying a new iPad Pro for a while now. I have had two in the past and sold them as they were not where I thought they would be at the time, but now they seem to be that bit closer

  8. I’ve been using duet for a while which works great but you need to plug your iPad into your Mac for the connection and then you can’t keep your iPad charged.

  9. Mac OS Catalina has effectively ruined my Macbookpro. It now disconnects from WiFi every 20 minutes, prevents a usable connection from my mbp to my Samsung t5 drive, and freezes more often. Has anyone else encountered these issues?

  10. My Macbook Pro 2015 will not even boot right after catalina update, something in the update ruined the way my computer boots so I don't get access to recovery keys. All I see is a dark screen and eventually a missing folder icon. Apple store says it's a hardware issue , logic board or hard drive, but how convenient for it to be a hardware issue? Right after an update, I don't think so. They want me to pay for any repairs.

  11. For me the dual monitor experience is not that big of a deal as I use HDMI out to a much larger monitor for editing though the gestures and compatibility between the tablet is a nice touch. I'm merely updating to update. The night to day thing has been done for a while now but I wonder if the update will have the automatic night to day themes for the whole OS and not just the wallpaper like how it is on my phone.

  12. Hi, I'm not sure to update my macbook. I'm still in MAC os High Sierra. But my apps aren't upgrading anymore. Programs like numbers and stuff. So someone has suggestions? Looks nice In Matti his video. Someone using it for some time? Have a lovely day.

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