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CHECK OUT DANIEL’S CHANNEL – https://www.youtube.com/user/Znqt COLOR GRADED WITH MY PRESETS – https://goo.gl/46Ud1j EASY, FAST MOTION …


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  1. Have to disagree with you on the focus setup. (unless you were talking about vlogging or similar) I have the ifocus with the Moza 2 and must say it's great!!
    I do use it sparingly for specific shots, but 90% of the time I can rack focus just right with it. And more importantly It looks a lot better and more natural then my auto focus.
    However it's not the kind of thing you would use all the time. 🙂

  2. Matti! I just have to say I freakin love your videos! Keep pushing that daily vlog, is awesome! I'm trying to make a living with filmmaking and I would love to win that gimbal to keep pushing it too!

  3. matti quick question how you get everything in proper exposure? the sky is so blue and you the subject gets light up so bright but background still in proper exposure?

  4. I will go first because I own the channel? How but the guest go first? I like matti but I dont like when he emphasizes some things like "my editor" "my channel" "my cottage" "my employees"

  5. I love what you do. And I'm sure cranking out vlogs at a high rate will mean some compromises. But MAN that focus searching (and massive breathing) while extolling the virtues of modern auto-focus… ouch.

  6. Two of my favourite filmmakers in one vid! Awesome. But, the good thing about leaving your work out there is that you can see PROGRESS and that is something you don't want to miss out, in my opinion.

  7. When you wondering why gimbals have follow focus. Crane 2 for ie have canon supported built in focus if needed (using camera lens motor) but external follow focus is best used by controlling zoom. With good af no follow focus needed but zoom is very good. You can add easily more tricks to shots

  8. Great review -BUT gonna nitpick on one little thing….the Focus Wheel…the idea there isn't to just hold the entirety of the gimbal with one hand and turn the wheel with the other – that's an OPTION. The main idea there is to turn the wheel with your right thumb holding that handle, or the remote handle – either way, it's in position for you to do that. That's been the idea with the Crane 2, and also works with the Air 2. Kinda surprised you missed that! Give it a shot – especially if you are or were a gamer, you'll master the technique of thumbwheel focus pulls while moving in no time!

  9. Matti has no idea how to film skateboarding tho, not hating but it’s very fascinating to see such a skilled filmmaker actually have no clue what he’s doing and do it SO far from how the skate film industry does it. If u don’t know search “Nyjah Til Death” or “We are Blood skate trailer”

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