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Beauty Dish vs Softbox: A Studio Lighting Tutorial

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Chelsea & I teach you the difference between a beauty dish and a softbox. SUBSCRIBE, it’s free! SUBSCRIBE and like http://fb.com/NorthrupPhotography Buy …


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  1. LMAO, either you're acting to make it seem difficult to use an octobox of that size, or you're weak as a woman LMAO. I manipulate that thing so much easier than you do, and Im a newbie. Also, adjustment of the boom was hilarious. It's time to hit the gym homie. Also, as a photographer, you should probably be in better physical condition. It will make your job that much easier. I am not a small man by any means.

  2. For outdoor family portraits, would you recommend Godox AD S17 wide angle soft focus diffuser or AD-S3 beauty dish reflector? I am trying to avoid big/bulky softboxes as you mentioned in the video.

  3. I love your videos but I feel like you over exaggerated on mounting the octabox. I use a 48" octabox all of the time alone on location with two ad200's and its not that difficult. Still a great video.

  4. Howdy I have been watching you videos for a while now and learn from them as I grow. First attraction to you was Chelsea sorry 🙂 On the serious side please I am new to using my Good SK400ii and cannot find any information on how to use the settings. I shot tonight and all photos washed out. I switch to TV mode and raised the shutter speed this helped a lot. I did not get far as the strobe wanted to fall and no weights for the tripod chichis the second question recommend tripod size. I do appreciate any information Thank you. Oh I use the Canon 7D MK II

  5. Thanks for this informative video…i have a soft box that i use for occasional shoots…then i came across about these beauty dishes and suprised about the ease of use. Btw, can i use just the beauty dish without any additional flash and still produce good portrait results? I still dont have a flash or will use one anytime soon. Or will a flash will add more than with no flash single diffuser portrait photography? (Newbie here btw). Thank you.

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